Minus Imran Khan not undemocratic demand: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD:     PML-N leader and MNA Khawaja Asif has said minus Imran Khan demand is not undemocratic and Imran Khan will have to be made minus for continuity of democracy in the country.

“Minus Imran demand is not undemocratic. We will never support any unconstitutional way for removal of government. Parliament has become a paralysis stricken body in the presence of Imran Khan. If we want continuity of democracy then Imran Khan will have to be minus”, he said this in an interview with a foreign website here Friday.

He held Imran Khan had lost his credibility cent per cent. PM has failed to deliver even a single promise. Circumstances provide the space for changing the government. Man wages struggle but whatever the method he adopts it should be constitutional. We will never back unconstitutional ways.

“We want democratic society flourishes in the country. If our government goes in democratic way then it should go. It is all right if we come into power through democratic way. The basic tenant of democratic society is that constitution should decide about entry and exit from corridors of power rather than any undemocratic ways, he said.

He underlined minus Imran Khan demand is not undemocratic demand. We are not demanding from any external force to remove Imran Khan. We are asking PTI to select some one else its leader in place of Imran Khan for supremacy of democracy and betterment in the situation. PTI should bring alternative leadership.

He held opposition parties performance in parliament has remained outstanding during the last two years.

He underlined that the evidence of our good performance during the last two years is that Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan fears from coming in the parliament. Government is getting weak day by day. I thing opposition is making more space for itself slowly and gradually. Government is retreating . Particularly it has lost its popularity after this budget.

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