Merit at stake



Imtiaz Essa Halepoto

In Sindh, It is apparently seen the violation of merit in various government and private services. Thus it
causes disappointment, unemployment and frustration amongst youth. Students having cleared
required qualifications for jobs, are often ignored. And only those are employed who have sufficient
political grounds and influence. However, this practice of demerit weakens the literacy rate and have
huge repercussions on those having studied in universities but lacking in political sources. One can often
see the ignorant, unworthy and bogus certified people on the high positions who even don't know
salutations and the nature of their work. On the other hand, those having all capabilities and adequate
qualifications, are unemployed. This unscrupulous practices leads crime rate acceleration, forces
students to set their degrees at fire and bring escalation in suicide attempts amongst youth. It is said
that the practice of demerit is also a form of corruption and deprivation of worthy, competent, talented,
qualified and skilled people's rights. Students of middle class, are equally competent as like upper.

Likewise, they are also having genuine degrees but what is lacking, is sources and fountain in politics.
Therefore, they are deprived of their rights in services. Number of videos had been viral in which
students are setting their degrees at fire due to disappointment. Nepotism and favouritism, are also
seen in most of the government services. Similarly, People who have strong background and relatives in
high positions, are employed without any examination or interrogation. However Poor ones are
deprived by different traits. Though Pakistan is considered as a free country and came into being at the
basis of Ideology of Pakistan. But unfortunately, people in Pakistan, especially in Sindh, are not given
their rights equally. Islam strictly prohibits Nepotism, favouritism and demerit as Holy Quran says "O you
who believe! stand out firmly for justices, as witness to Allah, even if it be against yourselves, your
parents and relatives, or whether it is against the rich or the poor". For promotion of integrity,
sovereignty and prosperity of State, Federal and provincial government should encourage youth without
discrimination of classes and don't let them disappointed. Merit should be prioritized and capable ones
be appointed by competitive examinations.