India- China Standoff: how can Pakistan cash this opportunity?

Abdul Manan
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, is a proverb about how to get benefit from tough time
by struggle, clear vision, and dedication. Pakistan is going to gain same opportunity after India-China
lock horns in Ladakh. The recent Indian aggression against China, Nepal and Pakistan at the same time
has provided a golden opportunity to Pakistan to get maximum benefits. Situation in Ladakh is getting
worse after killing of more than twenty Indian troops by Chinese army. People’s Liberation Army (PLA)
has given a befitted response to Indian aggression in Galwan Valley. On the other side, India-Nepal
tussle flared up after Indian construction of road to Lipulekh. Both sides have territorial claim on this
region. Ladakh is a strategically important area for Pakistan, India, and China. It is a region occupied by
India since 1947 and administered as a union territory since last year. Constituting a part of the former
princely state of Jammu & Kashmir, it has been the subject of dispute between India, Pakistan, and
China since the withdrawal of the British from the sub-continent. It is bordered by the Chinese Tibet
Autonomous Region to the East, the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to the south, both Indian-
administered Jammu and Kashmir and the Pakistan-administered Gilgit-Baltistan to the West, and the
southwestern corner of Xinjiang across the Karakoram Pass in the far north. It expands from the Siachen
Glacier in the Karakoram Range to the north to the main Great Himalayas to the south. Previously, a war
has already been fought in 1962 between the two neighbors on Ladakh dispute. China has deployed
thousands of troops to counter further Indian aggression. India is going to engage with three neighbors
at same time, which is beyond its military power. But BJP miscalculated policies and over estimation of
its economic power will damage it more. Pakistan should be ready against India’s false flag operation,

Limited war is inevitable solution of this region and Kashmir Cause. Can Pakistan cash this opportunity?
And what can be the possible scenarios? Pakistan should immediately call a joint meeting of Nepal and
China, since they have severe grievances on Indian aggression. A joint military drill should also be
conducted. Nepal and Pakistan both are the part of China’s great OBOR project. Pakistan can play its
part to rebalance the region. South Asian platform i.e. SAARC is suitable in this regard. Pakistan should
enhance relationship with SARRC countries, which have been damaged due to India’s negative lobby.
CPEC: A blessing and economic a new lifeline of Pakistan is passing from Karakorum Range, a few miles
away from Ladakh. Pakistan must secure its route by deploying more forces. India can damage this
region as she is claiming on Gilgit Baltistan. Prime Minister has multiple times said that “India can start a
False Flag Operation and we should be ready for it”. BJP’s ultra-Hindutva policies have created
insecurities among South Asian states. Pakistan should build more economic relationship with SAARC
states with the help of China. Pakistan can fulfill India’s space in the region. More importantly,
Pakistan’s effective strategic and diplomatic approach can sort out Kashmir dispute. Pakistan should be
ready for a “Limited War” against Indian aggression. Pakistan has a strong military relation with China.
Therefore, deployment of more forces on LOC will build more pressure on India. Pakistan should speed
up “Afghanistan Peace Process” in this vital time period when Spoilers of peace deal are engaged on
different fronts. Afghan peace process is a golden Opportunity for Pakistan to secure its Western
border. India can restart a proxy war against Pakistan by avoiding embarrassment from Chinese
Embarrassment. Pakistan should conduct intelligence based operation to eradicate Indian clandestine
cell system in Pakistan. Pakistan should play its active and diplomatic role and engage Muslim world on
Kashmir issue. Although, in previous year, when India revoke the special status of Kashmir, OIC didn’t
support the narrative of Pakistan, but now situation has changed. Pakistan can be built more pressure
on India over Kashmir Dispute, by the support of OIC. Currently, food crisis is arousing in Middle East
due to Pandemic. We can mitigate their difficulties by utilizing our agriculture through CPEC, and our
diplomatic ties will be strengthen. Pakistan-India water dispute: It is a constant threat of war in the
region. Pakistan can lessen the threats by aggressive strategic approach. India has built over fifty dams
in Kashmir, and continuously threatens Pakistan by imposing a war of water. . Pakistan should initiate to
build more dams on urgent basis like Diamer Bhasha dam and Mohmand Dam. Indian engagement on
other fronts has provided us a chance. As Abdul Sattar writes in his book i.e. Foreign Policy of Pakistan;
“In 1971 when Pakistan was engaged to insurgency in East Pakistan, India started a limited war against
Pakistan which torn into two pieces. Over 80 thousands army troops were arrested by India and we had
to face humiliation worldwide”. Now we have got an opportunity to take revenge and solve regional old
disputes by expressing some aggressive policies. Earlier, we had wasted same kind of opportunity in
1962, when China offered Pakistan to attack on India from Eastern border for Kashmir disputes, but we
restrained due to Western pressure. Currently, Western powers are engaged to counter Pandemic and
racism. Populists, racism and campaigns are emerging against western Dual standards. USA is still unable
to assist India in recent standoff. But still, there is a million dollar question; can we cash this imperative
opportunity?- The writer is a Police official of Capital City Police Lahore.

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