AJK State Finance Dept. turns down FBR version declaring AJK tax payers as ‘non-filers’

Rejects media reports carrying the FBR Stance:

Altaf Hamid Rao;

MIRPUR ,(Parliament Times): June 29: A spokesman of the Finance Department of Azad Govt. of the State of Jammu & Kashmir here on Monday categorically refuted a media report carried by a section of the national press in which the Federal Board Of Revenue (FBR) has declared lakhs of tax payers of Azad Jammu & Kashmir as the ‘non-filers’. In an official statement issued on Monday, the spokesman described the above report totally baseless and against the realities.

Elaborating the prevailing taxation system in AJK the spokesman underlined that the FBR website also shows the list of tax payers from Azad Jammu Kashmir in its active Tax Payers List (ATL) due to insertion of Section 2 (1A) of Income Tax Ordinacem 2001) of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

“This list is also regularly updated on the official website of the Federal Board of Revenue”, he underlined adding “rather this list is also regularly updated on the official website of the Federal Board of Revenue”. “Moreover, the FBR had been furnished, time to time, with the Manual Adjustment of the input / Sales Tax Invoices issued by the registered tax payees of AJK”, the spokesman said adding that however, this facility had been made conditional to the automation of the AJK State Inland Revenue Department.

“Azad Jammu Kashmir government is going to sign an agreement with Pakistan Revenue Automation Authority (PRAL) with the cooperation of the FBR, which is at the last stage to sign’’, the spokesman revealed.

“The AJK Finance department has received no any objection about declaring the AJK Tax Payers as the non filers on the part of the FBR”, the spokesman concluded.