Half Year 2020 in Kashmir

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Altaf Ahmed Bhat
New Year brings Happiness, a promise and Hope for prosperity, but Kashmir: A Utopian Land with
Dystopian lives is the unfortunate region of the world which despite having all the elements of
prosperity, Economics, and Natural habitat is still under the dark clouds of occupation. After the Modi
government scrapped Article 370 & 35A, Kashmir was thrust into a digital black hole, additional
troops were deployed, and punitive measures were applied on besieged Kashmiri people. The repealing
of Articles followed with arrest of thousands of youth, Political leaders, and economical breakdown of
the region. The first quarter of year 2020 was followed by COVID-19 pandemic, which added another
lockdown in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJ&K). Indian brutal forces started using
COVID-19 cover to traumatize Kashmiris, Target Kill youth, demolish houses in fake Cordon and Search
Operations, and demolish properties worth millions of dollars. While Modi and his companions Amit
Shah and Ajit Doval were introducing new domicile law to flood the demography of Kashmir with Non
Resident Hindus, the brutal forces started fake cordon and search operations. In which 100 youth are
target killed in 2020, 60 houses are completely demolished with explosives, while 800 people are
critically injured. The New domicile law will alter the demography of Muslim Majority Kashmir into
Hindu majority in longer run, to start with, Indian government has already provided domicile status to
300,000 Hindus. Blood of the Kashmiri Youth became so cheap for Indian brutal forces that the current
month of June is the bloodiest month so far, 22 Kashmiri youth were target killed in 12 days, while a
hundred were injured, and loss to the properties is enormous. Continuous fake CASO’s & lockdown
has created an environment of Chaos and uncertainty, Children and youngsters are facing psychological
trauma, no one knows what will happen next, and what will happen to them. It is worth mentioning that
this is the Triple Lockdown, the first lockdown was in 1989, second while repealing Article 370 and 35A,
and the third one due to COVID-19. Indian Forces have used all of these lockdowns to Kill Kashmiri
Youth, Suppress the Voice for Freedom, Molest Women, destroy properties and breakdown the
economy of IOJ&K. Since 1989, more than 100,000 Kashmiris lost their lives, 110,327 structures
destroyed, 160,487 civilians arrested, while 11,204 women are raped. The freedom struggle of
Kashmiris is actually Love for Pakistan and Hatred for India, hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Martyrs
being buried in Pakistani flag is the manifestation that Kashmiris want to be with Pakistan. OIC Contact
groups emergency Virtual Conference of the situations in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is highly
appreciable, as amidst the COVID-19 outbreak Foreign Ministers of Muslim Countries raised voice for
the besieged people of IOJ&K. Their demand for halting Military Operation, illegal detentions, use
of Force, and violation of International laws must be accepted by India on immediate basis. OIC is the
most powerful organizations of Islamic Countries, and Kashmiri people expect help and staunch support
from it. To start with if all the OIC Countries start putting pressure on Modi by banning the import of
Non Halal products from India, and to complete boycott of Indian Goods, Products, and services from
India until India expels its Brutal Occupational Forces from the region, and gives Kashmiri’s their
birthright as agreed upon, and according to UN resolutions. The Immediate issue is the acute shortage
of Food, Medical supplies and health facilities, amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown the

situations are worsening day by day. Pakistani Government and Prime Minister Imran Khan should
announce and offer a handsome relief package to United Nations for the besieged people of Kashmir as
he announced 8 billion US dollars for people of Pakistan. And UN should ask India to allow International
Relief and health organizations to IOJ&K for relief and health care activities for besieged people of
IOJK who are under lockdown for last 324 days. Modi’s Warmongering attitude is jeopardizing the peace
and stability of South Asia, its border issues with China and Nepal, Ceasefire Violations on LOC are steps
to throw South Asia into a bloody War. It is high time International Organizations must pay heed to
Fascist Modi’s ill designs, or else the clouds of war surfacing in South Asia will have disastrous
consequences. -The Writer is well known Kashmiri Freedom Seeker, Human Rights Activist, working for
Humanity. Chairman Jammu Kashmir Voice ofVictims.

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