Message by the Director General Anti Narcotics Force on International Anti Drug Day


RAWALPINDI:   (Parliament Times)   The great Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the 33 rd largest country in terms of area and 5 th most populous with a population of over 210 Millions with about 65% is below
29 years. With such a large percentage of youth we are facing many challenges and
amongst leading challenges one is “Drug Abuse”, which is considerably growing in our
society affecting almost all walks of life.
Pakistan is geographically located at such a place where its population is more
prone to effects of Narcotics being in the close proximity of Afghanistan which is the
epicenter of World’s drug production and is directly affecting Pakistan and our country
because of this fact has become the most “Affected State”.
Global community being cognizant of the fact has always supported Pakistan/
ANF in the efforts to eradicate the menace of drugs and has always acknowledged the
efforts of Pakistan and results inspite of very meager resources available. Pakistan’s
efforts to fight against drugs with international community are unflinching and Pakistan
is “Poppy Free State” since 2001 as a result.
ANF is committed to fight against this very dangerous and challenging menace
and will continue to play its role being the primary law enforcement agency in
coordination and fighting against drugs by not only enforcing the laws against drugs but
through preventive drug education, treatment and rehabilitation of addicts. ANF is also
committed to work actively with all government and international departments/
agencies with strong societal support to ensure effective and impactful implementation
of anti drug programmes. I pay homage to the “Shuhadas of ANF” who laid their lives in
a sacred cause and better tomorrow of our generations.
On this International Anti Drugs day, I assure my nation and international
community that ANF will In Sha Allah keep fighting against drug abuse with professional
commitment. Despite odds and challenges we pledge to pursuit the mandate with
utmost commitment, sincerity, dedication and devotion.
May Allah – The creator be with us all. Aameen