Completely rejects online classes system: Amir Inkalabi


Altaf Hamid Rao;

The students across the state protest against Failed Educational policies, we stand with the students of Quetta.

KOTLI,(Parliament Times):  Students across Azad Jammu Kashmir Thursday protested against, what they alleged, the failed educational policies of the Government, according to a press release.

“We stand with the students of Quetta”, said Amir Inkalabi, a renowned student leader of JKPSF.

Inkalabi, while talking to media said, now the students have risen for their rights across the Pakistan. Students are appealing on the roads against the colleges and universities. Amir Inkalabi further declared as saying, “we completely reject the online classes system”. “The state must devise a policy on education and nationalise all the institutions so that education could be free and advanced for every single student”, he added. The state must ensure the student union elections soon after the lockdown. We will keep on struggling like this for students rights and we are determined to free the students from privatisation and other capitalist policies, he demanded.

We also demand to lift ban from student unions immediately and want fair union elections across the country, he said. Amir Bashir inkalabi condemned the police attack on students in Quetta demanding immediate inquiry.