Tribute to Nisar Ahmed Siddique VC Sukkur IBA University

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Karoondi Khairpur mirs

With profound sorrow, it is informed that a reformer educationist, highly influential personality of this
fertile land, Sindh, is gone forever. Untiring struggles in entire life for promoting quality education to not
only Sindh province but to entire Pakistan, and all the time to his goal seemed neither tired nor retired,
Mr. Nisar Ahmed Siddique, the vice-chancellor of Sukkur IBA University has been passed away. He had
been the director and the vice-chancellor of Sukkur IBA university since January 2005. He had been
retained as a commissioner of Sukkur, he has 26 years of experience as a commissioned officer of Sindh.
He also had been the visiting faculty member of Karachi IBA, CMB Karachi, and Shah Abdul Latif
University Khairpur mirs. He dreamt of converting a simple business institute to the best business
institute in Pakistan and thereafter to the world. Its name is Sukkur IBA University, nowadays, it stands
the third rank among the best business institute of Pakistan, amazingly, it got such tremendous
achievement in a little while. Earlier this institute had four to five rooms in Public School, Sukkur in 1994.
Initially, it was fully affiliated with Karachi IBA, which was governing it. But with the unconditional and
unflinching efforts of Mr. Siddique, this institute became independent and now it is independently being
operated quite well. Mr. Siddique had tried his level best to establish this institution by bringing every
facility and quality education to the students of Sindh at their doorstep. Hence, he was awarded “Sitara-
i-Imtiaz” by the Pakistan government due to his extraordinary efforts for endorsement of merit
excellence in education.In addition to this, he correspondingly established a vast number network of IBA
Community Colleges and Schools in well-developed divisions and districts of Sindh province, where the
students, not only form Sindh but from entire Pakistan, are getting transparent and quality education
under cheating free environment, (get accustomed to cheating free environment to the students of
Sindh, that was his major mission.) Students have availed required facilities and along with this, the poor
students are getting education through the SEF program on fully-funded scholarship along with a per
month stipend. ( a joint program of Sukkur IBA University and Sindh education foundation)In parallel to
this, Government schools are accustomed to copying culture, so he came with an idea to wipe out
copying culture from government schools. So far, there are more than 30 government schools that are
officially being managed by Sukkur IBA university under the education management organization (EMO)
schools project. Where he had provided transparent and cheating free exams. He made avail of highly
trained teaching staff, he also had availed basic articles to these schools, so far, buildings, infrastructure,
water, electricity, and many more. The most monumental thing of Mr. Siddique is that he used to
provide a fully-funded scholarship to the high achievers, need-based, and the poor students in his IBA
Community colleges and schools. Students from underprivileged areas are chanced to study at his/her
nearby IBA Community colleges and schools on the merit base. There are eight students from

Government High School Karoondi managed by Sukkur IBA University, who are continuing their study at
IBA-Public School Sukkur and also in IBA community college Khairpur mirs completely on fully-funded
scholarship and I am one of them. We are heartily indebted to VC Mr. Siddique. He always used to say,
“don’t complain of darkness light your own candle.” Undoubtedly, Mr. Siddique had been a candle in
this world of darkness for the people of Sindh. Seemingly, his death is a big loss for especially talented
but financially poor future leaders of Sindh.Professor Nisar Ahmed Sidiqi Sahab was great visionary
personality and great scholar.He was true leader and passionate to his vision.Nisar Ahmed sidiqui was
the man of principles.He was great reformer and educationist.He proved himself as Sir syed khan of
beloved sindh for promoting quality education across Sindh as well as Pakistan.Sukkur IBA is the only
institute in Sindh that is matchless in spreding quality education at doorstep, his untiring efforts made it
possible.He was the only man who stood firm from the bottom of society, he struggled restlessly to
bring the required changes in society where the change was the last option to be achieved in order to
make people survive in the world of merit, beyond any doubt, he gave massive meaning to merit in his
life. I salute you sir. This is prayer, May God bless your soul in eternal peace and give you high rank in
jannat-ul-firdous and grant enough courage to the bereaved family to bear this loss.

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