Trees Serve As Lungs To Breathe


Dolat Chandani
In this era where many developing and progressive countries are striving to play the vital part by
working on environment to save the planet Earth for generation. Trees have been providing us basic
necessities like food and oxygen since long. They fulfill our others needs by providing shelter to live,
medicine to cure, wood to furniture or fuel, food, vegetables and fruits to eat and many more to end
chaos and make lives wonderful and prosperous. The biggest contribution of trees on planet earth is to
provide oxygen by taking carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis. And through this natural
phenomenon all living things breathe, climate gets ameliorated, air gets filtered from many dangerous
pollutants and environment becomes airy and fresh. Trees control to mantain climate by moderating the
effects of the sun, rain and wind. Trees also lower the air temperature and reduce the heat intensity of
the greenhouse effect by maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide and keep things normal by
maintaining temperature. It means trees are safeguard on planet earth and are essential components of
environment in which we live and breathe Today, In the era of modern century, the value of trees is
continuously increasing by observing benefits to cut down to spare luxury lifestyle but many are quite
unaware from adventures and hazards of environment by cutting down trees and here many learned
peoples are still calm by knowing the current state of environment to see subversion recklessly without
any care of generation. For sake do something for the generation.Cutting down tree is not crime but not
planting in the form replacement or on other side is the biggest crime. “The more you plant tree, the
more you get oxygen, the more you cut down trees, the more you get carbon in the environment.”If we
plant tree then the environment will be airy and fresh without any contamination and If we are not
planting trees then surely the carbon will stay in the environment and its content or level in atmosphere
will consistently be increasing which will warm the earth at exponential rate through its effect thus
changes in climate occur.Today, Climate change is a global problem. Climate changes and global
warming occurs by fumes from vehicles and factories, and by green house gasses which pollute the
ecosystem.Continuous change in climate across the globe is a very dreadful alarm to environment by
which temperature rises which may destroy every living thing and nonliving thing to lead to big
gruesome disaster in the future if presently not any tips and steps are not being taken to overcome it
then it will remain an irreparable catastrophe. Means if there would no tree then there would no life
and incessantly deforestation without any consideration will destroy the ecosystem. Here arise some
questions that What is the function of forest department and nominee personnel of it? here is forest
department and what it is doing? ow many trees are being planted by for forest department what steps
have been taken to stop the deforestation? ither it is functional or not? As I ponder and deem over it
that the specific function of forest department is to manage forests resources of country for the
conservation of the natural environment, to protect and utilize the forest resources in proper ways,
planning and implementation for tree plantation campaign, to apprise and aware the people about tree
plantation by organizing seminars and by asking the benefits of it, to make legislation that every school,
collage even university have to run tree plantation campaign on yearly basis and to make the
environment most beautiful by planting tree on road sides, in streets and in cities. But worst thing is

that, there have not been seen any practice and implementation yet on one above mentioned points.
Here many employees of forest do not go to office, are not sincere with their respective job and did not
get trained and learned to save the forest and use the forests resources in better way. Once in the
month they just go to ATM for their monthly salary. It means they are giving out put zero.If the
employee is not well-trained about practice forest then how could be good at forestry practices. It is
true that It needs global effort to overcome but when we start it by playing our part then rest of world
would surely follow to make an environment friendly. It is therefore requested to federal, provincial
governments and all concerned authorities to take strict action to direct all personnel of forest
department to plant more and more trees by running campaigns