Tobacco, sugary drinks harmful to human health: PANAH


Islamabad:     (Parliament Times)   Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) General Secretary Sanaullah Ghman said that tobacco and sugar drinks are harmful to human health, we all work together to get rid of it. Talking about the opportunity to distribute pamphlets among the citizens on behalf of the shelter, he said that the shelter has been struggling for 36 years to save the people from heart diseases and every platform is raising its voice. “Tobacco and sugary drinks increase the incidence of diseases. Their use weakens the immune system, which makes it difficult to fight diseases. We must all work together to prevent this,” he said. And take immediate steps to prevent sugary drinks so that people can get rid of John Liu’s disease and we have to save our new generation from it so that they can truly serve the country and the nation. We have intensified the awareness campaign. It will have far-reaching consequences