Psychologist of the day


Iqra Sial;

It is said that bravery is the audacity to be unhindered by failures and to walk with freedom, strength and hope in the face of things unknown. It can be believed by finding out the way she has battled against all odds, walked out, fought and conquered. She has a supreme courage which shows in her battle against mental health stigmatization. She is a lady of nerves, strength, resilience, care and love. Her support and trust on mental health awareness has built up a pathway of persistence for spreading mental health awareness amongst emerging psychologists. She chose this field due to the reason to enlighten people about the significance of the unseen problems Created due to mental health issues.
She said “ I was interested to know about human nature and behavior. Yeah I have chosen a right
profession because I love to learn about the human mind and always help people to get out of mental health issues and support it with all my heart…” She feels that darkness won’t last forever however, during that time a single ray of hope can make a huge difference and can bring a person out of loneliness, pessimism and solitude. Therefore, she believes in the power of optimism and considers herself optimistic as she always keeps her hopes high. She is an analytical planner and believes that the future beholds amazing for her. Moreover, she believes in supporting human values and considers herself “Humanitarian”. She supports people and believes in their issues regardless of race, gender, ethnicity and that’s a true beauty of herself. Let’s look upon who this graceful personality is. She is none other than Iqra Sial. Today, PYPA is paying tribute to Iqra Sial for her amazing efforts in serving PYPA and the mental health field in our segment called “TRIBUTE TO A PSYCHOLOGIST”. We send our perpetual acknowledgement and support to the endeavors she has put forth for promoting mental
health. PYPA is grateful to have her in its team as District Head Pakistan, PYPA. SIAL was born on 4 July 1996 at Muzaffargarh. She completed her initial schooling from Sardar Kory Khan School Muzaffargarh and did her Fsc from women college Muzaffargarh. She did her Msc from IUB, ADCP from ISP and LLB from BZU. She is currently working as a psychotherapist in Multan. And Also leading TEAM PYPA in South Punjab as Chapter head. She believes in being empathetic to others which is an essence of being a good psychologist. She feels that people would achieve anything only if they go further out of their comfort zones. She said “Anything extreme and irritating, the pain you are experiencing nowadays, will hold you in great stead tomorrow. Since life isn’t a rosy bed, the victory of tomorrow is chosen by the crest of distress today. Tolerance, solid will power, determination and commitment will make you go over the bridge. Life is simple and enjoyable as long as you don’t entertain drama, ignore those who are
trying to bring drama in your lives, You have to respect and bring positivity to people who bring you Positivity in your lives…”. PYPA truly respects her efforts that she has done for combating mental health stigmatization. We send our deep appreciation to her motto towards life as she says that regardless of how hard and challenging situations can be, persistence will bring you out of it anyway. PYPA admires her love for the PYPA team as she said “A great platform to encourage and cultivate the young psychologists’ abilities. Hope for the best…” “She is not just a person, she beholds fire in her- the fire of rebellion against odds, the fire of strength, the fire of resilience” IQRA SIAL is a true manifestation of it.
PYPA adores her way of looking at situations with courage and resilience. On that note, we sign off from our today’s PSYCHOLOGIST OF THE DAY by sharing what IQRA SIAL has to say to you all… “The more you tune in and get to know yourself, the more you are in charge of your happiness. Take care of your mental health and always stay happy”.