PEC registration—need of an hour

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By  Wajahat Abro
Quaid-e-Awam Campus Larkana, an engineering institute, has long been bearing multiple problems. One
of the top-notch quagmires is that the degree from the campus has not been recognized by Pakistan
Engineering Council (PEC) for some years now. Without PEC recognition, the degree is like a rapper in
the dust-bin. After considering the standard of education, teaching skills, students' response and
overall administrative positions, PEC registers the degrees of the campus. One wonders, does the
campus not lay under any of the above-mentioned objectives? The matter at the helm of affairs is so
alarming, needs to be cracked. If the institute is not efficient, worthy and up to the mark, then why it
is still open. When you cannot even afford to get your degrees certified by PEC, lock the campus and
stop taking a big chunk of budget. Students are really worried and under deep depression to get
employment on the degree which has no value at all. Sindh government, Sindh education minister and
the concerned authorities must ponder over the issue of the youth of the nation. It is a matter of

education, employment and most importantly one's entire career. Give engineers a good future, they
will bless the state with maximum benefits in modern technology.

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