Water Crisis Challenge


Without the facility of water , surviving is impossible, since our life dependency is on water . But yet in
2020 , billion could face a critical shortage of water which is becoming a more progressive issue putting
the community into the cause of catastrophe. However, Pakistan continues to experience acute water
scarcity, largely driven by drought and intensive agriculture. And there are very few channels to mitigate
the water crisis . Although in these crisis times people are in search of water through distant areas. The
recent National Water Policy is not taking a positive step as it will not necessarily be the solution that
many are hoping for. The surface and underground water level has been in very low amount due to the
shortage of rain. This is a plea from me to the authorities to be working and take measures to contribute
the ignored societies in Pakistan so that should receive water .

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goalSuper achievers don’t waste their time in
unproductive thoughts,they think constructively and they know that their level ofthinking determines
their success