Inauguration of the first grand nursery in Islamabad by Mavida Pakistan

ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times) : Mavida Pakistan, the only housing society active in the country for environmental protection, has inaugurated the first grand nursery in Islamabad. The tree planting campaign in the country’s first grand nursery has started in the second half of the monsoon. Will be done in a week. This largest tree planting campaign of its kind will be launched in collaboration with Pakistan Wildlife Foundation which will provide technical facilities to Mavida Pakistan in this regard. Initially 300,000 local trees will be planted in this tree planting campaign.
Explaining the details of the tree planting campaign, Chaudhry Tajmal Hussain, CEO, Mavida Pakistan, said that the salient feature of the housing scheme is that there is a plan to plant a forest in six agricultural plots of 12 acres within the housing scheme. These trees include all local trees including banyan, papaya, cactus, sherinaha, jaman, mulberry, mulberry, lilac, sohanjana, berry, yellow, lassora, neem and amlatas. “In the past, we have been neglecting the local tree species, which has resulted in the extinction of the local species of animals and birds,” he said. Generations will have the opportunity to return to the urban environment that was displaced due to environmental pollution and lack of native trees. In addition, residents of Mavida Housing Scheme and local tourists will be able to see such birds and animals in their natural environment. He said that the main objective of this project is to promote urban forests which is also its theme.
Pakistan Wildlife Foundation is being represented by Vice Chairman Safwan Shehab Ahmed in this historic project while Chairman Wasim Ahmed and President Ijaz Ahmed are also part of the team overseeing the project which said that it is also a historic event for Pakistan Wildlife Foundation. Chaudhry Tajmal Hussain further said that 72 acres of land has been allotted for afforestation in the housing scheme. It should be noted that Mavida Pakistan is the first housing scheme in the country which is working to make the urban environment green and improve the environment. Is. This housing scheme is located on Chakri Road. This vast and state-of-the-art housing society is located five and a half kilometers in front of M2 Motorway and three and a half kilometers in front of Chakri-Dhamyal Road.

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