Corona virus claims 02 more lives in AJK raising death toll to 22:


Altaf Hamid Rao;

24 new COVID-19 suspects tested positive in AJK raising tally to 869:

MIRPUR, (Parliament Times): After 02 more persons lost their lives after being hit by the prevailing life-threatening wave of novel Corona Virus in Azad Jammu Kashmir on Monday, the death toll in the state following the pandemic increased to 22 so far, authorities said. The fresh two casualty were reported in Muzaffarabad district during last 24 hours. 24 new cases found tested positive during last 24 hours raising the tally to 869 in the State on Monday, it was officially stated. The official statement released to the media Monday evening on the updated situation of pandemic in AJK by the State Health Services authorities confirmed the registration of 24 new cases in AJK – which include 14 patients in Mirpur,03 in Muzaffarabad, 06 in Kotli and one in Bhimbher district.

The pandemic has so far claimed a total of 22 lives across the state. The 22 ill-fated persons lost lives due to the pandemic in AJK so fare include 12 in Muzaffarabad district, 03 in Mirpur. 03 in Bagh and one each in Rawalakot and Bagh districts and 02 in Palandri district. At present a total of 497 patients tested positive, were receiving treatment in various state-controlled health facilities / home isolation centers at present in various parts of the AJK state, the authorities said. These patients tested positive included 354 housed in various home isolation and rest of 143 patients admitted in various the state-run hospital in different parts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

At the same time, after the complete recovery of 02,more patients were discharged from the health facilities at various parts of AJK on Monday – raising the total number of the patients discharged so far across AJK to 350, the AJK Health authorities disclosed. A total of 122 new cases suspected of the pandemic, were tested in entire Azad Jammu Kashmir on Monday. According to the Health Authorities a total of 13708 suspected cases from various parts of the State were sent for test, of which the results of 13656 had been received with a total of 869 positive cases in the State so far, the authorities said. Out of the total of 869corona virus positive cases, 350 were fully recovered and discharged from different health facilities and the state-run isolation centers in various parts of the state by Sunday, the authorities said. At the same time AJK Health authorities said in a statement late Saturday a total of 12216 persons were tested negative for COVID-19 while results of 52 cases are awaited which were scheduled to reach in a day or two next.

A total of 58 Quarantine centers are constantly engaged in serving the pandemic-hit suspects for their recovery in all ten districts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Capacity- building training in infection, prevention and control hs been launched in all state-run isolation centers in Azad Jammu Kashmir with the coordination of the World Health Organization, the health authorities said. District Rapid Response teams with the coordination of the State Health Department mobile medicos were continuing the screening of all new entrants at all 07 entry / exit points in AJK including Gujrat-Bhimbher entry point besides Mangla, Dadayal, Holar, Azad Pattan, Kohala and Garhi Habib Ullah, according to the AJK Health Authorities.