Pakistan Army low cost and High Powered Defence Force


Syed Tahir Rashdi
Pakistan armed forces are voluntary force in which any one man or woman can apply and try his talent
and luck to reach on top. Just to remind people that soldiers are not security guards as they sign their
death warrant at the time of joining and insurance companies will not insure them or charge very high
premium due to high risks. Those who says solders are getting paid, so their duties are as common as
city centre job. Politics is also a voluntary work and not a profession or invitation by the state, as well as
not an automatic license to loot and plunder national wealth. Pakistan’s democrats and English-speaking
elite served its foreign masters from right, left and centre. In past 18 years they have been beating, extra
judicial killing of poor Madrassah students and made to believe as Madsrassas are number one problem
of Pakistan. In the same way this elite is now and earlier telling its master that Pakistan Army is number
one hurdle in achieving their agenda, Dawn leaks and Memo Gates are the living proof and indictment
against Zardaris and Maryam, Nawaz and Shabaz Sharif. Pakistani military spending per soldier is USD
13,513 the lowest in the world and USA highest is USD 409,596 per soldier. Pakistani per soldier cost is
even below Bangladesh USD 17597 and India per soldier USD 42,188 and yet it is under attack for being
economical and efficient. On the other hand, US debt is over USD 22.7 trillion in 2019, but U.S.
Congress approved 716 billion dollars in defense spending for fiscal year 2019, and about 700 billion
dollars for fiscal year 2018, it means US cannot even suppose to spend all this on defense? As
journalist, we have a responsibility to authenticate facts and being truthful. A bright writer and journalist
will see how the people without defense and powerful force like Palestinians, Kashmiris, Bosnians and
Rohangyas are treated by the hostile criminal armies? Can you imagine a Pakistan without a strong
army living next to Modi’s India? The writer of the report ‘Poor Nation, Rich Army’ published on 21 March
2019 in ‘Foreign Policy’ is a Pakistani and living in exile in France. He wrote a slanderous and misleading
article about Pakistan Army which proves that: (a) doors of all the fortresses were always opened from
inside, from Mir Jafar to Sikndar Mirza, Asif Zardari, Altaf Hussain and Nawaz Sharif, (b) country has
invested on wrong people in media and academia from Hussain Haqqani, Najam Sethi to Ayesha
Siddiqa Agha and media groups like Geo and Jang who projected enemy agenda at the time of war, (c)
there is a lack of intellectual capital be it think tanks or human capital (d) some very old boys are running
think tanks and still returning the favors to their cold war masters for example Gen Talat Masood and
Hasan Askari Rizvi are from steam engine age but clinging on and not letting new blood come in to deal
with current challenges. They have become part of the problems and not solutions. No disrespect but
these are people’s views conveyed at various occasions.