The rise in domestic fights and divorce cases due to lockdown

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Sonia Magsi

Gallup and Gilani Pakistan in association with Gallup international has released a survey on 17 June,
2020 based on the survey statement "Lockdown has increased domestic fights between husband and
wife". The survey was conducted periodically from 1 may to 20 may within rural and urban areas of four
provinces telephonically. According to the results of survey and lockdown toll on couples 53% asserting
remarked from 1,144 men and women that due to lockdown married couples have undergone domestic
quarrels. In short, 27% strongly agreed and 27% strongly disagreed with the statement of the survey "To
what extent do you agree or disagree''. In Urban areas, 27% agreed and 30% disagreed with the
statement. However, In rural areas, 27% agreed and 25% disagreed. To sum up the ratio, 53% Pakistani
positively commented that they agree with the statement of survey. Such impact of novel coronavirus
and it's lockdown solution has rendered negative effects on married life in Pakistan. On march 16, China
reported a news that due to lockdown 'divorce cases in China' are reported countrywide on a significant
level. According to the report, more than 300 couples registered propositions on account of divorce in
the country within a month of March alone. Such divorce cases indicate that married couples, living 24
hours at home together, doing household chores and office work independently, are experiencing a
situation of withdrawal from commitments they have made years ago. This rise in divorce cases in China
and domestic fights in Pakistan are showing the effects and impacts of lockdown due to Coronavirus.
But, in reality, lockdown has brought with itself positive impacts together with oppurtunities to know
about each other for couples specially. It's well said that ”A pessimist sees the difficulty in every
opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

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