The business of life


Waheed Babar
Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. The Nature’s Show is going on the air with long episodes
of despair, confusion and fright. COVID-19 has questioned the future of man in various spheres: health,
economy, lifestyle and social status. There are multifarious theories about the origin of COVID-19. The
findings of the World Health Organisation about the transmission of coronavirus have proved
inconsistent. Nobody knows where the international economy is going. The threat of plausible food
crisis is being discussed. The lifestyles are changing. The world is at the initial stage of developing some
potential vaccine to cure the disease. In the sequence of these uncertainties, the social animal is doing
the business of life, particularly in South Asian countries. Pakistan is no more an exception when it
comes to the havoc COVID-19 is playing worldwide. Instead of saving lives of the victims in accordance
with the principles of morality, some coronavirus survivors are selling their blood plasma for up to Rs. 1
million. Their customers come from the affluent class. The sacred concepts of humanity and charity have
covered themselves in the veils of selfishness. This is how the people are doing the business of life. Who
will stop this illegal business? I suspect this activity will get momentum in near future, inhibiting more
problems. Pakistan could immediately launch a Mobile Application and ask the eligible ones for plasma
donations. It is better to be prepared before the worst comes! The wealthy portion of Pakistan’s
population is fighting coronavirus with complete preparation. They have already bought sufficient
oxygen, necessary injections, immunity boosters and the related medical equipment. The doctors are
treating them at their homes for huge fees. The people who afford have stocked the COVID-19 related
medicines. It has given rise to the shortage of medical supplies leading to a surprising increase in prices
of medicines. Again, the poor class is miserably staring at the people who are doing the business of life.
As a nation, we do not seem to accept the safety measures. We are resisting precautions. Violation of
the necessary SOPs is putting many in health risks. This is how the number of COVID-19 cases is sky-

rocketing in Pakistan. It looks like we are hostile enemies of ourselves. The contemporary plague has
proved our incapability of responding to the health crisis. To our politicians, COVID-19 is merely an
opportunity of spurring political statements and playing with the lives of the people by disturbing the
coronavirus relief processes. Coronavirus has revealed that the custodians of democracy have failed in
developing an acceptable heath system in Pakistan. The laboratories are charging very high for COVID-
19 diagnostic tests. Who has determined and set their prices? Whom these laboratories are accountable
to? Are the reports issued by them transparent and valid? The medical laboratories are stuffing their
pockets and are fully into the business of life. The private hospitals are charging around Rs. 2 million for
taking care of the COVID-19 patient. It has been reported by a few legal heirs that the hospitals are
demanding huge money for handing over coronavirus infected dead bodies. This is the height of being
hard at heart and sick at soul! The hospitals are doing the business of life to accumulate huge money by
using the current health related qualms. ave we lost our senses? Are we devoid of love for humanity? It
is good to extricate the reasons that lead the human beings to some callous doings. Poverty, at the first
place, has the power to bring man to the brink of pointlessness. A portion of the poor coronavirus
survivors could take it as a business to treat their economic depression. Secondly, illiteracy poses
hurdles in the way of doing good; hence, selfishness dominates. round 60,000 sufferers, as of today,
have been completely recovered from COVID-19 in Pakistan. These people are the winners, but they
could do the business of life if not managed properly. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the US
and the Red Cross have joined hands to motivate the survivors to donate life-saving blood plasma. The
government of Pakistan could immediately launch a Mobile Application and ask the eligible ones for
plasma donations. It is better to be prepared before the worst comes! Strict actions are required to
bring the prices of the medicines down. Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), with the help of
the related institutions, is supposed to take some incessant measures in this regard. Mass media could
play extremely constructive role by propagating the motivational examples from across the world. The
religious scholars could drive the nation to the light of humanity. The Supreme Court of Pakistan could
take notice of what the private hospitals are doing. The public must wear masks and practice social
distancing. We need to demonstrate the highest levels of responsibility and endurance. These collective
efforts could take us out of the deep waters of COVID-19. That would mark the end of “the business of
life” in Pakistan.