Request for ban on PUBG game

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Meher Azeem Hakro

The invention of the computer and the Internet has impacted not only the life of the people but also the
business. There is no doubt that the Internet provides a strong link between individual and the
community, and our private life routine and businesses are connected to this computer world. While the

Internet offers many benefits, it also has some obvious disadvantages. Nowadays there is a game called
PUBG in which all our youngsters spend a lot of time playing it. This game attracts more and more to
students in which most of their time is spent playing the game. It is pertinent to mention that the PUBG
is strictly banned in many countries because psychologists and academics have observed that students
are wasting their precious time just playing it all the time, so it is important to ban the game overall.
PUBG is also very popular in Pakistan and played at great level in which our youth are also wasting their
precious time instead of focusing on education but only to the game. This game is a threat to
children's future and mental health. If seen in positive aspect, this game gives no benefit to the
government in collecting any tax to the national exchequer except that the students waste their time
online. Students are not only wasting their time with it but also misusing the cell phone because it is a
high power game and played on higher specification of cell phone that comes at the highest cost. On the
one hand, buying expensive mobile phones increases family expenses; on the other hand, it gives
students a chance to waste the time. So I request the government and the PTA to issue orders to ban
the PUBG game immediately so that the precious time of the children can be saved and children can
concentrate on their education. The sensitive use of loudspeaker has become quite a nuisance in our
cities. The most annoying thing is that loudspeaker has now became an integral part of almost all
celebration. People seem to believe that even private occasions like marriages and birthday parties
would be incomplete without the blaring of loudspeaker. Noise pollution is already one of the greatest
problems that people living in cities have to deal with. The excessive use of loudspeaker make it even
worse of course there are occasions when their use is absolutely necessary but I see no justification in
using them during every party or meeting.The worst hit by this improper use of loudspeakers are the
elderly and the children. Due to the excessive noise, the elderly can’t sleep properly and the children
can't concentrate oh their studies. It is high time the authorities did something to regulate the use if

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