Craving of Private School Teachers


Dolat Chandani
It is said that teaching is the noblest profession of all that generates all the rest professions. Teacher is
one who consumes his energy to nurture the pupils by providing knowledge to illuminate the career of
mass in the world. As someone rightly said that just imagine what would world have been if there would
not have been teacher. As we know that the livelihood of many got disturbed by the outbreak of COVID-
19 along with the livelihood of private school teachers got affected so badly of all because in the era
inflation meager salary packages are offered to private school teachers which is between Rs 6000 to
1000 per day. This amount is not enough to meet basic expenses due to hike in prices of groceries and
other essential food items. Today, The earning of all kind of labors is between Rs 500 to 1000 per day
but teacher of private school is getting between Rs 200 to 300 per day. Due to lockdownon and closure
of school teachers get the salary late and some private schools pay half salary because the owners of
private school do not get fully recovery of fees from parents. Just imagine how an underpaid teacher
will manage to support his family who is getting low out of low salary which is between Rs3000 to 5000
per month due to not recovery of fees from prents. From where the owners of schools will get the fees
to issue the salaries to their respective teaching staff and non teaching staff If parents would not be
responsible in paying fees on time. Most private institutions are not able to pay teachers and millions of
teachers in private schools are deserving for relief programme or Ehsaas Emergency Cash program.
Teacher being a white-color and respected person of society can not stand in queue of relief
programmme and can not get registered in monthly stipend programme like Ehsaas Emergency Cash
program. The hostile attitude of government or other towards teachers of private school is regrettable.
In the country 95% children middle-income get education in private schools at low fee and currently
millions of private school teachers have miserable living. My plea to government and concerned
authorities is that either announce a special package for teachers of private and educational institutions
or include them at least in the "Ehsaas emergency programm”."