China-US cold war, where do Pakistan and India stand?


Barkat Ullah
The question is what is cold war? Basically the term cold war was used for the 1st time by a famous
British writer George Orwell in his essays for the tensions between the USA and USSR, the recent Russia.
The indirect confrontation between USA and USSR started after world war two, when Truman presented
his doctrine in which he argued that the communist ideology of Soviet union is expending in various part
of the world and we need to stop it. The cold war between USA and USSR lasted for almost 5 decades in
which a number of significant events occurred. In 2020, a new conflict raised between USA and China,
in the 3rd weak of May, when Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, accused US for trying to initiate a new
cold war in response of the US allegations over corona. Basically their is a misunderstanding, the cold
war between the two nations has initiated a long time ago even before Trump era in the Obama's
administration. A number political analysts like Henry Kissinger have mentioned in their writings that, if
China adopts liberal democracy and it steps back from socialism and ideas of Marxism, then their will be
no problem of the USA with China's economy. Their might be no issues of USA with China in terms
of producing goods like laptops and mobiles etc. What USA wants from China is to give up strong
military, and adopt western order of government. The USA wants a unique domination of the world , a
domination in which China can't challenge its Geo strategic and scientific influence. A number of
rivalries is occurring between the two major powers, but this cold War is different from that of USSR and
USA. At that time both states used a number of proxies and assassination tactics to weaken one
another. This time the focus point is trade war to counter one another. Both the United States and China
are trying to contain their exports by executing a number of tariffs on goods. USA is tending to decrease
the production capability of China by applying a number of hurdles. There are a number of components
of this revelry. One of the main components is the containing of china’s military dominance in south
china sea. The main reason behind this is that the main commercial areas of china exist on south china
sea. The USA knows the Geo strategic and economic importance of south china sea, therefore the main
aim of the USA is to build an anti china's narrative in the principle littoral states of south china sea
like, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam etc, so to prove that the raise of china is not
as a result of peaceful process. By this the US does not want any dominance of china in her backyard
that prove her as a strong hegemonic power in the world. Like the rest of the world, there is direct
implications of these tensions on India and on unfortunately on Pakistan. In this regard India is split in
two thoughts strategically, one school of thought argues that India should let its non alignment policy
and should go to the block of USA. They think that from this they will not only get a huge advantage in
term of military and economic field but will also in position to challenge the status quo of china in the

region through new technologies. Moreover India can not only gets access to the said technologies but
can also gets membership of G7 and G8 etc. Others think that India should keep its approach of
neutrality because, like China, India has also its own rich history of culture and civilization. According to
them that India should not become a proxy of anyone and it should handle the situation with its own
ways. On the other hand, Islamabad doesn't want its relations to be effected by the said rivalry,
but it has to look to the situation according to circumstances because it can't keep itself away from
it. One of the main drawback of Pakistan's foreign policy, that Pakistan is still suffering from it is,
that it has picked sides a number of time in past in international disputes. Although Pakistan has a close
relation and economic partnership with china, yet Pakistan can't deny the fact, that it has a vital
strategic partnership with the USA too. And the most vital point is that Pakistan can't ignore the US
factor, especially when Pakistan is experiencing a tough relations with India, and India is already a strong
ally of the US in south Asia. Therefore Islamabad has to play its role smartly in the contemporary
situation and the coming few months are very important in this regards.