A film by Shakir shad to highlight women’s education and early marriages


Parvez Moula Bakhsh
A very well known balochi movie directors, Shakir shad's latest balochi film which named as Balochabad
is to highlight the women's education system, causes of early marriage in our society as well as many
other traditions and cultural norms by which women are affected brutally.However, The film
Balochabad, has become one of the best and most talked about films in balochi cinemas. The starrings
are Allah bakhsh Haleef, Anita Jalil, Sarfaraz Muhammad, Haissan Danish and many other.Really, The
movie tells that how baloch (not only baloch but also other) women are deprived from their basic
rights. The film discusses about early marriage which causes a huge number of problems to women
according to the reports, The number of women dying during childbirth is the highest in Balochistan as
compared to Pakistan's other provinces, officials of a non-governmental organisation said, noting that
785 of every 100,000 women in the country's southwestern province died while giving birth to a child.
However in the film, There are two villages the first one is Rasoolabad, where women and men have
equal opportunities of living and second which is Balochabad, where there women have no rights to
learn, study, play, walk, talk, meet, etc without permission. Inspirationally, It is a balochi film with
English subtitles and The power of speech and media is shown wonderfully on this series. Jan bibi (Anita
jalil) shares her thoughts by radio and once on other electronic medias with Sanata for making the
people aware about child marriage which is a destruction itself especially for girls this has become very
helpful to her because the police stopped the marriage it means a word is much more powerful than a
sword.And, its song is undefinable which is sung by ustad Saleem baloch as well as the dialogues are
very worth loving. I was really surprised when I saw the film available on YouTube therefore, I, without
wasting my time, started watching the movie which give me more knowledge and make me aware
about the causes of early marriage and many other things. I think, It is a movie which a never watched
and maybe this is the first balochi film on the topic of inequality and women educational systems.
Therefore, I offer you to watch the film if you are interested to watch movies and I hope that it will help
you a lot and doesn't waste your time as others.