Why does the world think China handled Covid-19 better than USA

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Syed Tahir Rashdi
A survey reveals that 50 out of 53 countries believe China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has
been more effective than America’s approach. Only Taiwan, South Korea and the US itself believe that
the Americans handled the pandemic better than China. The poll, conducted by German polling firm
Dalia Research and the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, highlighted great dissatisfaction with US
leadership, with only a third of European countries believing the USA was a positive influence on
democracy worldwide. The survey comes ahead of a major conference on the future of democracy this
week, due to be addressed by the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state
John Kerry and the Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong. The conference is likely to be a rallying
point for pro-democracy activists as China and the US enter an ever more explicit ideological contest.
The 53-country survey of 120,000 people by the German polling firm Dalia Research and the Alliance of
Democracies Foundation, an organisation headed by the former Nato secretary general Anders Fogh
Rasmussen, reveals deep dissatisfaction with US leadership. The survey found electorates in Greece
(89%), Taiwan (87%), Ireland (87%), South Korea, Australia and Denmark (all 86%) are happiest
worldwide with the performance of their government in controlling the coronavirus. At the bottom end
of the scale are Brazil, France, Italy, the US and the UK. Only a third of people around the world said the
US responded well to Covid-19, compared with more than 60% who said China’s response was good.
The changing tide in opinion results from issues ranging from relations with Europe to the Covid-19
response. The US withdrawal from key agreements such as the Iran deal and the Paris Agreement
disappointed many countries throughout Europe. America’s plan to withdraw troops from Germany, and
its demand that Europe contribute more troops to NATO further cemented Trump’s ‘America-First’
policy, weakening relations.Reflecting Donald Trump’s unpopularity globally, only a third of Europeans
believe the US is a positive force for global democracy, compared with half who say it has had a negative
impact. The positive figure has fallen 4% since the same survey last year. Majorities in all 15 of the
European countries surveyed say the US has a negative impact on global democracy, with the net
negative score at -40% in Germany.. While America itself suffered the brunt of the coronavirus
pandemic, with New York becoming the centre of the epidemic, the nation’s leadership was questioned
due to its late action while continually deflecting attention by calling China out on its response and
referring to the coronavirus as the ‘Chinese’ virus by the US President himself. President Donald Trump’s
unwavering support for the drug hydroxychloroquine, and open admission to taking it despite testing
negative for Covid-19, sent the public a confused message; resulting in the drug selling out at
pharmacies, despite health care professionals questioning its efficacy in treating the disease.While a few
cases have reemerged in China, it is hard to imagine that the US has fared better, with over 2 million
total cases and over 100,000 deaths.

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