Sino-Pak friendship is all weather, not any one government specific: Asim Saleem Bajwa


TAXILA/ISLAMABAD:    Chairman CPEC Lt Gen (Retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa has said Sino-Pak ties are all weather and they are not confided to one government.

“ Pakistan-China are tied into the bonds of all weather friendship. These relations are not restricted to any one government. All are benefitting ideal friendship between Pakistan and China. CPEC is living evidence of friendship of two iron brothers. These relations have transformed into economic cooperation and joint partnership”, he said this while addressing an agreement signing ceremony between CPEC Authority and Chinese companies in Taxila Thursday.

The MoU signing ceremony was between the Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila and Chinese companies which was also attended by Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing and Chairman Atomic Energy Commission
Saleem Bajwa went on to say that CPEC project is of paramount significance between the two countries. CPEC reflects the love of every Pakistani. Focus is being placed on early completion of every project.
“We are taking forward CPEC projects by removing all bottlenecks on its way”, he added.

He remarked this is an historical opportunity when we are laying foundation of industrial revolution. HMC has played key role in the development of the country. HMC has played a pro-active role in engineering sector of the country, he added. The process of restoration of HMC has started with devotion and hard-work.

He observed “ China is evincing keen interest in the revival of HMC. The two countries are moving ahead for economic development and mutual interests.

He announced “ Sino-Pak friendship is not restricted to any one government but it is all weather. CPEC has entered into second phase.

He held Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has directed to complete first phase of CPEC on fast track basis. Under second phase of CPEC we are changing the entire structure of Railway. 1870 kilometers railway track, railway crossing, signals and all are being changed.

He reiterated Pakistan will soon get profit-making railway. The foundation of industrial development and industrial zones have been laid in Pakistan. Rasha Kai, Dhabe G economic zones are going to be started soon.

He further said CPEC has entered into second phase. 1800 kilometer railway track from Karachi to Peshawar ML-1 is included in second phase. Dry port will be constructed in Havelian. Railway will be upgraded and made profit earning. Special economic zones are being built in every province. These three economic zones are being constructed in Shakai, Dhabeji and Faisalabad. The role of HMC in all these sectors will be vital. Cooperation will be needed with reference to machinery and engineering. In the second phase millions of youths will get jobs. Our youths are intelligent and hard working. The best use of human resources will be ensured in industrial revolution.

He stated the second phase will leave positive and better impact on national economy. Heavy machinery will be got manufactured by HMC to cater to the requirements of agriculture sector. The manufacturing of heavy machinery at local level will save heavy foreign exchange. Science and technology has a special role in CPEC.

He underlined corona virus could not affect CPEC projects. One project has been completed in energy sector and 9 are under completion. These billion of rupees projects will change the destiny of the country. We are focusing on business agreements rather than loans in the second phase.

He went on to say Machine Toll factory will be revamped. The pace of progress of CPEC can be accelerated with hard work and good expectations. Every one and every institution has crucial role in CPEC projects.

Chinese ambassador in Pakistan Yao Jing has said business cooperation among HMC and Chinese companies has heralded a new chapter in Sino-Pak friendship. This agreement will further bolster mutual economic cooperation . Vast opportunities are there for bossing trade cooperation between the two countries.

He went on to say Sino-Pak friendship spans over 7 decades. CPEC is leading the mutual cooperation to new dimension. Focus was placed on several projects of infrastructure in first phase. Now the second historical phase has begun. It will open new avenues. China is treading on the path of economic development since the four decades on the basis of manufacturing. The potential for manufacturing maximum products has changed the situation. CPEC will author new chapters of development and stability in the region.

He remarked Chinese companies’ partnership with HMC is matter of pride. Forging business partnership with Pakistan is top priority of China. Pakistan and China are heading towards close cooperation and partnership. Pakistan and China are focusing on enhancement in potential of institutions. China owes its development base to development of its big industries. Private sector plays key role in the development of any country. Chinese government, embassy is extending help in fostering partnership of Chinese private sector with Pakistan.

He held China is proud of having a trusted and great friend like Pakistan.

He said there is vast potential for trade cooperation between the two countries. CPEC will herald in new chapters of development and stability in the region.

Pakistan ambassador in China Naghmana Hashmi also participated in the ceremony through video link.

She said HMC will play more vital role in the development of national industry after its expansion.. She held that Sino-Pak friendship is of paramount importance in this world which is victim of instability.

She remarked Pakistan is benefitting from its last four decades development of China. CPEC is very important in the economic development of Pakistan. Gwadar has become complete functional port at present.

Muhammad Naeem, chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission while addressing the ceremony said expansion in HMC will herald in revolution in the country. The agreements between HMC and Chinese companies will serve as guarantors of this institution. Bringing the HMC to modernization in this age of technology is need of hour.

Chinese six major business companies signed the agreements.