Sindh`s Issues And Twitter Trend


Sohail Ahmed Mangrio
Sindhi nation whose civilization and culture is started in 500 BC. It faced many attacks of other nations
and Sindhi nation lived slavery life in many periods. Now 20 th century is going on which is called global
village due to science and technology but our Sindh is progress less. In 19 th century Sindhi people and
leaders took part and struggled for the freedom of Pakistan from British Government whose evidences
are resolution of 1938 and 1943 which was passed by Sindh Assembly also election of 1945-46 when
Muslim League prevailed in Sindh. Unfortunately after freedom of Pakistan prefigure of martyred Pir
Sibghatullah shah was correct when Mr. G M Syed invited him to join Muslim League and said “Pirsahib
you should join our party for freedom of Pakistan according to resolution of Pakistan 1940”. Pir Sahib
laughed, said “just you`ve passed resolution and British give you freedom, Shah Sahib!Firstly British will
not give Pakistan but if Hindu will not accept then if they give you it will ramshackle and its command
will have those people who are eternity slaver of English for many years” Mr. G M said, “we`ll not give
them interfere in our country” Pir Sahib again laughed and said “where will you? You`re only for fight
after freedom you`ll be though out from like a milk beeandno doubt you`ll be sent in jail Inshallah we`ll
get home (country) or shroud and you`ll write books in woe and gloomy and we see it is true. After
Quaid e Azam in 1950 started political crises till 1958 no one could stay any political leader in
Government at last in 08 August 1958 general Ayoub khan conqueredmarshal law and that political
crises ended with the separation of Bangladesh and it thrown Sindh in devastated situation after
creation of Pakistan three Barrages were built but Sindh`s million acres fertile land were given to non
Sindhi people (Punjabis, Patthan) mostlyArmy officers. Sukkur Barrage is the biggest barrage there were

29 lacks acres fertile land its distribution started before partition and after ( 14 October 1954) when one
Unit resolution was passed between 1955 to 1958 non Sindhi people got 1,52,620 acres land while
Sindhi got 1,22,586 acres, specially between 1958 to 1962 total 54,789 acres allotted to Sindhis and
2,12,679 acres were given to non Sindhis till 1962 total remaining land was 4,67,000 acres from this less
of half got Sindhis other was given to non Sindhis. The kottri barrage which was built in 1956 which is 2
nd biggest barrage there were six and half lack acres land from which one lack acres or 25 acres were
allotted for Army. Guddu barrage built 1858 during Marshal law land was distributed till 1962 total land
was 11,24,250 acres local people were given 2,24,285 and for machinery farming local people were
given 1,28,000 acres. This land were given to Punjabis, Patthan and Baloch. Two and half lack acres land
was distributed in categories according to some terms and conditions for Punjab 1, 70,000 acres and for
frontier 34,000 acres were fixed. This robbery was done during 1953 to 1962. While after 1971
remaining surplus completed political leaders and Government and their generations continuing their
ancestors job honorably. After land they ignored Sindhi Language while in1848 when British conquered
Sindh after five years Governor of Bombay g GeorgeClark ordered Sindhi should be made Sindh`s official
language. In 1851 one commissioner ordered all government officers have to pass exams in Sindhi and
three points were written: a) In future all written works will be in Sindhi. b) European and other
foreigner officers have to exams in Sindhi. c) Education should be given in Sindhi in schools. Directors of
east India company in1853, 25 March 1857, December 3, 1857 commissioner ordered Sindhi is
completely official language it must be used in Courts and revenue. 28 December 1858 again
commissioner ordered Sindhi in Sindh province isofficial language so it should be used in offices. But it
was same till 13 August 1947 while in1947 freedom Act, 1956 and 1962 there was not mention any
point about Sindhi language and also it was ignored in constitution of 1973and conquered
GovernorSystem. Till now robbery is continued through different ways, sometimes build dams and
canals on Indus River, sometimes demanding separate province, sometimes issuance of bogus domiciles
to rob the rights of education and jobs. All of this is due to the corrupt MNAs,MPAs and government
servants who called Sindhi and inheritors of Sindh but in greed of money they victimize Sindh. In this
righteousness work our headman, land lord and saints who are honorably stick like gadfly, like ulcerous
and like white ant making hollow the Sindh. I think for this trouble we Sindhi are most responsible
because we make a new way for getting rights which are twitter trend and criticism on Facebook. If
through social media rights can be taken then why Hoshoo, Hemoo, Dodo, Pir Sibghatullah Shah
(thousands Hur Faqeer), Sarmad Sindhi, Basheer Khan and Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro did not
martyred, no great leaders and great poets taking voice also challenged from jails, no thousands people
were killed in revolution of Russia, China, France and Iran, no Nelson Mandelabeard pain and sorrows
for the freedom of Africa and no Bangali were killed. Now recently one black man killed in America and
they tortured America but we are begging rights through social media and proving idiomthe snake dies
and club does not break. I am not criticizing social media that is good effort keep it up but I want to say
that more than 10 lacks people participated in twitter trend but when any leader calls for any strike or
struggle then why do they not come out……?All revolutions which took out in the world these all are
established by poor people farmers and labor. Here poor people should come out otherwise rich do not
have any need because they have all facilities.