PPP-AJK calls for independent probe into PM’s ‘assets’ in UK


Islamabad.    (Parliament Times)   Pakistan People’s Party AJK chapter has demanded an independent probe into the properties allegedly owned by the Prime Minister Imran Khan and his advisors.

While talking to the media here on Thursday PPP President Ch. Latif Akbar said that a sitting Supreme Court judge has submitted a document detailing properties owned by the PM Imran Khan and his advisors. He said that there was a dire need to conduct an independent inquiry into the matter in order to ascertain the real facts. “It requires a through probe and a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) should be formed to look into the matter”, he said adding that earlier a number of opposition leaders facing similar allegations were interrogated by the JIT and therefore it was necessary to constitute a JIT to investigate PM IK and his Advisors and others having properties out of the country.

Ch Latif Akbar further asked under what law spying on judges was authorized? “This is clearly an attempt to bring the judiciary under pressure and to curb the apex court’s Constitutional Powers”, he said adding that such a move on the part of the government was tantamount to damaging democracy and independent judiciary in the country.

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