Mafia seizes land worth billions of rupees right under PTI Govt.’s nose


ISLAMABAD:   (Parliament Times)    A group of highly influential land grabbers have seized land worth billions of rupees in the vicinity of capital city Islamabad under the PTI government’s nose while district administration and police remained watching the situation like silent spectators.

According to details Imad Iftikhar Malik said that overseas Pakistanis and their relatives had bought land in Shah-Allah Dutta, a rural area of Islamabad, 20 years ago, which he said was illegally occupied by ring leaders of land-mafia Zubair Khan and Khalid Bhatti with the help of their associates. Divelging the details Malik said that the case against him is also pending in the court and there were clear orders of the court in this regard.

Earlier, he said, that the occupation group had also illegally occupied the lands of National Park and CDA against which the government had taken action. He said that several cases of land grabbing against them were still registered in various police stations in the capital city. He said that seizing and selling out government and people’s land unlawfully has become a favorite business of this group.

He said that last night, the Assistant Commissioner (AC) Sadar, in defiance of legal requirements, issued orders regarding the land at 8:00 PM without hearing the position of the affected party. Under the guise of which the occupation group laid barbed wire around the land in the dark of night without the permission of concerned magistrate and police.

He said that the orders issued by the AC Sadar did not meet the legal requirements as neither had he been given notice nor his lawyers had been heard about the case. “It is as if an unseen force has written those orders, because these orders are clearly malicious”, he maintained.

He appealed the Prime Minister Imran Khan for an independent judicial inquiry into the matter so that other Pakistanis and their loved ones living in the country could get justice.