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Migration of GB people There is a reason behind every happening.It is common concept people migrate
toward other places for some benefits.Migration is done for prosperous life which they expect.The
people of GB migrate toward cities rapidly due to many reasons.First thing is for quality education of
their children.Because,there is no quality education Especially in the bakeward Areas of GB.They think
that if we migrate whare quality education exist our child will success in their destinations. Their
Thinking is not bad every parent think for their child's future.The people which have migrated are mostly
successful persons of GB.successfull people have migrated but the people which are hopeless and poor
can not migrate because they have not enough money to survive in cities.The successful people of GB
have forget their duties.It is duty of successful people to work for poor people of their society and they
have to do.If the migration trend is continued then GB will be Empty with their shinging stars which we
are concedering the hope and the reason of development of GB.I request the successful people of GB
please show your affection with GB people and try to develop quality education in the institutes of GB
rather then migration and develop other resources which is needed for the survival of life and which are
essential for us.Iam again say ing this you are the few people which have got superiority all over GB.If
you will leave this place what the future will be you better know.if we work together for the
development of GB then we do not need any other place where we have to go.come back come never
go never go.The despondency of GB land is appearing on the fertile land of GB.Faislan shafa
isfahaniMedia matters?This letter refers to the article ‘Invisible and unheard’ by Ghazi Salahuddin. Thee
author has prudently highlighted the helplessness of the media, which continues to face difficulties in
meeting their mandatory obligations. He has rightfully cited some samples of high-handedness by the
authorities that have done, ''t protect the fourth pillar of the state. While noting that the UN General
Assembly has declared May 3 as World Press Freedom Day, as is the case with many of its advocated
causes, the UN’s log when it involves implementation and results is pathetic. It's strange that the author
avoided discussing the present grouping in various media houses, which have made it ist possible to stay
extending the remands of the country’s most well-liked media personalities. Furthermore, the author
fails to lift the difficulty of journalists who get invisible and unheard favors in exchange for preferential

treatment. Concerning the PM’s statement that the lockdown was imposed by the elite without regard
for the poor, the author aptly points out that the prime minister sits at the helm of a rather elite cabinet.
Off these issues boil right down to an absence of unity amongst various segments of society including
politicians, and also the media. To attain results we want more unity, in its absence, we are doomed to
repeat our present failures.Sohail KhanOpen the lock of consciousnessWe have been keeping
unconsciousness on our chests for centuries as our destiny and heritage. Apparently, such intellectuals
consider themselves as Socrates, Aristotle and Plato. But all this aside, if we look at the world with a
conscious eye today, we will be amazed at any level . How the world is living and how we are living. Let
us know then. We will shake our heads and bring our consciousness to its original human destination.
Today is called the 21st century. This is the age of high speed technology. In this age conscious people
are moving towards further development but we are still there. Today we see that technology has
developed so much. Human beings are completely free from physical work. The educational system of
the developed countries of the world has developed so much that the student has to go to school with
his mind instead of book and pen. The world today is taking online classes and passing their exams.
Some books and newspapers from Urdu and other languages are closing down and moving towards
English. But alas, we were the same as we had been for centuries. Alas, today we have to open our eyes.
If we still keep our eyes closed, in the future our name will be included in the list of animals. If we look at
the development of the world, education is becoming the cause of the success of the nation. Even
today, the nation that has developed without education is not found in history to have developed
without education. Education is said to be the key to development. Nowadays, if we want to keep pace
with the world, we have to pay close attention to our education. You have to teach your children. You
have to understand the world.

-Bakhtyar Rahim Baloch

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