Social, economic uplifting of poor through community organizations



By Rehan Ali Khushik

DADU. TRDP under the EU funded project implementing SUCCESS programme in Jamshoro and Dadu districts of Sindh.The project aims at women empowerment for social and economic uplifting of poor through establishing women led community organizations. These community organizations formed at UC and village level are provided a revolving fund of community investment fund CIF and grants to finance the income generation activities or new business plans developed by the member household of these community organizations.

Under the programme poor households are to be benefitted by taking 481m CIF through their 96 local support organizations LSOs and 527m IGG through 1068 village organizations VOs. These community orgzations have representation of more than 70% of the rural poor population of these districts.

LSO DUA:Here one of the community led institution names LSO Dua of UC Channa of district Jamshoro who received 5.5 million as CIF grant. The LSO is managing efficiently the grant by outlying the disbursement to 10.2 million by revolving the fund through collection and disbursing the same to new or same members. The president of the LSO claimed its reach to 457 member households.

– 74% of the total households of UC are members of women community organizations. Majority 85% of the membership households are poor, falling below the poverty line of 23.

– 338 women leaders are trained on leadership and community skill management

– 61% beneficiaries have taken CIF for purchasing the livestock, 28% for the agriculture inputs, purposes and 11% for the small enterprises.

– LSO maintains proper documentation and computerized records to manage portfolios properly.

It is the cost effective model that provides easy and quick access of finances to the poor. The success in the CIF Programme has created a sense of ownership, responsibility and motivation to stable more the community institution. The women led organization demonstrating women management skills that proves thatthe rural women if given the opportunities and mobilized they can also prove themselves the important pillar in making the change and getting them out of poverty.