Justice for Bramsh

The incident of Dannuk was very tragic . As the armed men emerged in to the house and inquired for
cash whatever they could possibly benefit themselves . When a woman, named Malik Naz, resisted, she
was shot on the spot, along with 4- year old daughter injured. Such occurence are due to happen against
of Baloch people which exists a abysmal name for them . Even no one is safe in their homes , rather
attack deliberately and wanting hard cash . On of the main motive we can also judge the supporting
team in our Baloch society who are on the exist time to give such planning to people . Currently
Balochistan erupts in protest over a murdered mother and her injured 4- year old . Balochs hardly need
a reminder that no one is protected in the province even in the houses . Even during the COVID-19 a
large protesters came in different regions of Pakistan to raise voices against the justice of Bramsh . After
the government's inaction and silence , I am quiet sure such bad attitudes and acts would get in
progress . Therefore we demand justice from the authorities of Pakistan for Bramsh and a urgent
responses to hang the alleged head of gang being involved in the incident.

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