PAL Chairman will announce the highest National Literary Award


Islamabad: (Raja Furqan Ahmed) Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Dr Yousuf Khushk will announce the highest National Literary Award “Life Time Achievement Award 2018” of the Pakistan Monday 15th June 2020, at 11:30 am in the office of Pakistan Academy of Letters H-8/1, Pitras Bukhari Road, Islamabad. This award will be decided by a panel of the eminent and respectful intellectuals of the country. Dr Yusuf will do so after the decision of the committee consisting of senior writers from all over the country. Writers from other cities will be joining the meeting online. “Life Time Achievement Award” and “National Literary Awards” are considered as the most important literary awards of the country. “Life Time Achievement Award” is conferred upon for the life long literary services.
On this occasion, the “National Literary Awards” of 2018 will also be announced on the best books published in the year 2018 in which “Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal Award” for Urdu poetry, Urdu research and criticism “Baba-i-Urdu Dr Maulvi Abdul Haq Award”. , Urdu Creative Literature “Saadat Hassan Manto Award”, Punjabi Poetry “Syed Waris Shah Award”, Punjabi Prose “Afzal Ahsan Randhawa Award”, Sindhi Poetry “Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai Award”, Sindhi Prose “Mirza Kalich Beg Award”, Pashto Poetry ” Khushal Khan Khattak Award “, Pashto Prose” Mohammad Ajmal Khan Khattak Award “, Balochi Poetry” Mast Takli Award “, Balochi Prose” Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi Award “, Seraiki Poetry” Khawaja Ghulam Farid Award “, Seraiki Prose” Dr Mehr Abdul Haq Award “, Brahui Poetry “Taj Muhammad Tajal Award”, Brahui Prose “Ghulam Nabi Rahi Award”, Hindko Poetry “Saieen Ahmad Ali Award”, Hindko Prose “Khater Ghaznavi Award”, English Poetry “Dawood Kamal Award” and English Prose “Peter Bukhari Award” Besides, “Mohammad Hassan Askari Award” will also be announced for the best-translated book. The amount of National Literary Award is Rs. 200,000 per award.