Five dams among 10 other uplift projects for Rawalpindi


Rawalpindi :    The Punjab government to allocate budget for at least 10 development projects in Rawalpindi district, sources said on Sunday.
Construction of five new dams is included among 10 other development projects that are likely to get development budget.
The construction work on five new dams will be started within three to five months. The total cost for all development projects is Rs12 billion to Rs700 million.
However, the total cost of five dams will be Rs6 billion.
One of the dams will be constructed in Chak Beli Khan area of Rawalpindi district with estimated the cost Rs 1 billion. Another dam will be constructed in Chontra area with estimated Rs750 million, the estimated cost of Mohota Dam is Rs750 million and Rs5 billion is the estimated cost of Chahan Dam.
The Punjab is expected to allocate Rs 500 million for the construction of a 100-beded hospital, besides Rs500 million are expected to allocate for the upgradation of Murree and Kahuta hospitals. The provincial government is expected to allocate Rs300 million for the establishment of an information technology university.
Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Muhammad Sadaqat Abbasi said permission has already been taken for the establishment of Kohsar University in Murree, adding that the estimated cost if the university is Rs300 million.