Reopen all educational institutes


Dolat Chandani
I am Dolat Rai, private school teacher at GCT Hilal School Mithi, Tharpakar. I have been teaching here
since 2015. Sir, Iam writing this short letter to draw attention of government and all the concerned
personnel of education regarding this online class. In 2019, This deadly pandemic COVID-19 emerged in
one country then was spread throughout world. This catastrophe affected almost every corner of the
world to lead the most countries of globe into big crisis which is beyond control but fortunately few
countries of world took timely actions by taking precautions to get rid of this fatal virus and most
countries of globe still have miserable living due to this pandemic COVID-19. Our country is one among
these most affected countries where tally of this virus has been mounting instead of dwindling with
each passing day. Initially, When the surge of this virus was less then government declared lockdown
but when surge went up with large number of cases then government gave ease in lockdown by
following the SOPs and this is the worst decision. Later, Government made announcement and directed
all the educational institutes to run online classes without pondering over the masses who almost 70 or
80% live in far-flung remote areas where there is not availability and access of net with strong
connection and most learners have financial problems they can not buy smartphones and their families
hardly manage to bear the educational expenditures of their kids. This initiative of online classes can
merely be proved little bit productive for elite class or those who are the resident of towns and cities
where there is an availability and access of net with strong connection for learners and this initiative can
not be proved fruitful for those large mass who live in big and small villages because there students are
facing financial problems and many students are even unaware from digitalization. Even in big and
small cities where is loadshedding of electricity for four to five hours in each day and normal video does
not play and download properly on 4G internet service then how it can be productive for the pupils of
villagers where is not availability of internet and light. We know that we have poor literacy rate and bad
education, and outdated syllabus is being taught over the decades where in all educational institutes
20% or 30% teaching faculty can teach the learners with productive outcomes by genuine teaching
methodology while the 70% does not possess expertise in teaching method, can not teach the children
well, unaware of digitalization, can not use labrority tools and can not even play multimedia properly for
practical activities. Under this mess how can online classes prove lucrative for students, so all the
educational institutes should suggest YouTube Channels to students and upload the notes in PDF forms
on the respective websites of institutes or on the different social media pages of institutes for students .
So that students could be able to learn by self study at their homes and it would be far better than
online classes. Exams can be taken through assignments and MCQs (multiple choice questions) Either
government should/must ensure the availability and access of net in remotes or take its decision back of
online classes. Because If the business centers, industries, corporations and other business centers can
be run and markets can be opened and local transport can be run by following SOPs(Standard operating
Procedures) then why can not educational institutes be opened by following the SOPs. It is entreated to
government and concerned authorities to take the matter in consideration to take the decision of online
class back to reopen the all educational institutes by following the SOPs. Because it is not question of

those who live in cities but of those massive mass who live in far-flung areas where smartphones and
net facility is not possible and available. Hope this matter will be taken in consideration and immediate
action of reopen of all educational institute will be taken for well-being of every learner.