MHI Chairman appeals PM to allow opening of marriage halls

Interview by Khalid Sabtain;

(Resident Editor East Punjab)

Islamabad,(Parliament Times): Chairman Marriage Halls Industry/ Zulqarnain Haider Jiger has made a passionate appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan urging him to allow opening of the Marriage Halls Industry, which has suffered immense losses due to the months’ long closure.
During an interview with Khalid sabtain the Chairman Marriage Halls industry/ Zulqarnain Haider Jiger spoke on a series of issues faced by the industry. Here is full text of the interview ;
Question:  To what extent the marriage halls industry has suffered, can you give us a rough estimate of losses the industry has suffered so far?
Ans: The Government should open the Marriage Halls Industry spokesperson further appealed to  PM Imran Khan to open the Marriage Halls Industry. one million people have suffered now the conditions are not able to discuss.we cannot pay the bills of sui gas electricity and rent of Marriage Halls Buildings.

Question: What are your key considerations regarding the present epidemic scenario?
Ans:Marriage Halls Industry obeyed the orders of shutdown since 14th March.We shall maintain rules and regulations related to epidemic scenario

Question: How can you adopt the National and International rules and regulations?
Ans: We shall maintain Distance Law,disinfectant,spray and Sanitizers. The Marriage Halls Industry will adopt National and International rules and regulations.

Question: How can govt help you in this regard?
Ans: The Spokesperson said we were symbols of happiness but now our conditions are miserable. Govt should reconsider the policy about the Marriage Halls Industry. Replying a question spokesperson elaborated gatherings in bazaars, fruit vegetables markets, Industry and Hospitals are not source of carrier?
Spokesperson said we shall maintain Rules and regulations orders by Govt regarding Hygienic conditions disinfectant policy and Distance Law.

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