Covid 19 and obesity

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Dr. Quratul-Aan
With the advent of technology and creative manners to fashionize our sense of meeting attractiveness
of food in terms of appearance to satisfying our taste buds, food saw a tremendous revolution to its
introduction in varieties and themes. Whatever and where ever. Man is surrounded by food always, be
it festivities, joy or sorrow. Food has an innate connection with our emotions .Our frequently indulged
pleasure is food, yet what is on the platter and be served nowadays is the hottest topic globally to use as
a defensive tool apart the physical measures to combat the Covid 19 pandemic in terms of immune
boosters in the body. Smart ways of inculcation of time friendly techniques to introduce to our lifestyles
making it vivid made people hop up from healthy to a toll on their health as in life style diseasesviz
obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, etc. Pandemic-Corona pushed globally masses
to restrict their mobility and enforced physical inactivity making them to live sedentary lives ,pushing
more the curve of higher risk of metabolic diseases. Pandemic corona seems to worsen the figures of
obesity related conditions .Having a pre data of the percentage of obesity globally as 72%males and
63%of women. Expectancy of the percentage of population who will be in future queue in upcoming

times will add misery in patient management. The healthcare facilities are already ailing in the country
to combat the crisis viz specialized units for individual focus. Covid 19 is most likely linked to poor
outcomes for those affected with obesity While escaping corona we should not fall into the clutches of
another epidemic –Obesity.

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