Shahbaz expresses concern over Maryam Auranzaib, her mother being tested positive

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Islamabad:    The president of PML-N and opposition leader in National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif has expressed his grave concern on the positive corona tests of Tahira Auranzaib and her daughter Maryam Auranzaib.
According to media reports Shahbaz Shareef said in one of his message that Tahira Auranzaib and Maryam Auranzaib are precious assets and pride of party.
He said that Tahira Auranzaib and Maryam Auranzaib while putting their lives at risk during corona virus outbreak have demonstrated courage and valor for party and democracy.
Shahbaz Sharif also preyed that Almighty Allah may give health to Tahira Auranzaib and Maryam Auranzaib and all those people who are infected by corona .
This is to point out that the senior leader of PML-N and former Prime minister
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and minister for railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed tested positive of corona virus.
Both the leaders went to quarantine in their residences.

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