Is Mass Promotion necessary step or desperate Step


Aiman Anwar;
Usually in Kashmir the situation is not good. Like before couple of years when Burhan wani matryed,
than deluge of flood and last year when so called Article was abrogated and now this year COVID-19 .
Students got promoted at least three time in Kashmir. This is the career of Kashmiri students. Will it
effect their future ? The Students in Kashmir got promoted many times and eventually it will effect on
students in future.

I think the students who got promoted they will face many problems in future. I can give example of my own cousin who was promoted at least three times. First when Burhan wani was matryed than Deluge of flood and before of months when Article was abrogated .He does not know what he should have known. This is life of students in Kashmir . How will they fight in the difficult situation in future. Now the life of students in Kashmir is very dark. Now In 2020 again the situation arises as you all know COVID-19. After winter break when schools is opened in 1st March and after couple of weeks the schools was closed again because of COVID-19 and still they are closed. The situation is pandemic everything is closed. We can only imagine the situation but can’t feel the pain of students. Now the children are fed up too in their homes. We can’t do anything even government is also helpless this time. The situation is pandemic it remain same because no vac is released yet. Now day by day students loss interest in studies. As they are busy with their phones and most of the students get depressed. They loss interest in studies no doubt there were online classes still students have not interested because teachers is not available in front of them. This is totally different for the students because the is happened first time in Kashmir, And teachers do her own efforts fully but only most of the students attending the classes. The children irritate their parents and sometime they are fed up because they are sitting whole day. Despite all this, the students in Kashmir have been trying to get back to their normal class work and academic life but, there is a limit to everything. Every time in Kashmir the situation arises that’s why students loss interest day by day. I think students too are fed up now with this. If I talk about student’s future than Mass promotion is not good because in future they have to face many difficult situations and the other sense i think it is good because students cannot study at home.
The government save the time of the students by promoting students .The students already have faced
many difficulties. No doubt, there is online classes but due to low speed since August how can they expect that online classes work in Kashmir..

Students who tried to attend such virtual classes haven’t understood a single word due to low network connectivity and buffering of videos .We don’t expect now anything from government and now it has become a habit to live with 2G network and now we don’t need so called 4G. How much we tolerate? 'The outbreak is already an extreme burden on students. The Kashmiri students go though trauma and distress every year. The students of the villages that they don’t have access to internet as the village lacks even basic mobile connectivity and they are not able to take online classes amid Covid-19 lockdown. I think government took a good decision to promote students in Jammu division in COVID-19 because since March the school was shut and this is necessary to keep the children safe.