Islamabad:    (Parliament Times)   PANAH has demanded to impose restrictions by saying smoking and drinks are injurious to health.
General Secretary Sanaullah ghumman has said that smoking and drinks are much
harmful for health. And their usage cause many serious and deadly diseases.
Government should impose restrictions on these immediately, so that citizens
could get rid of serious and deadly diseases. He said that the reason of many
diseases is smoking and obesity and the main reasons of obesity are fast
food, junk food, sweet and drinks. And the health expenses of these diseases on
country are 51% of the total health expenses. And main thing is that their
usage decreases the immunity in human and diseases attack such persons more and
the chances of recovery are also too low and also these things are not life’s
necessities. Their manufacturing companies go to other countries getting
their benefits and left only diseases and their expenses in Pakistan.In
previous year, the government of prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan took a
very good step in budget and passed the bill of imposing surcharge on cigarette
and drinks which was also passed by the cabinet and prime minister but it was
not practically implemented in budget due to some reason. If it was practically
implemented, there would be 50 to 55 billion ruppees in income . just by these
two products according to the passed bill of government.So it is requested to
prime minister, financial advisor and other authorities to impose restrictions
on these tobacco and drinks health hazards in coming budget and the passed bill
should be practically implemented immediately so that the citizens could get
rid of deadly diseases.


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