LAHORE:     The Pakistan Railways has on Monday added ten more trains to its partial operation following which the number of trains that run on daily basis has become forty.
The trains which have resumed operation include Sir Syed Express, Karachi Express, Shalimar Express, Bahauddin Zakriya Express and Rawal Express.
Shalimar Express departed on time for Karachi with 314 passengers and Sir Syed Express left from Rawalpindi to Karachi. The schedule of rest of the trains is as follows:
Bahauddin Zakriya Express from Multan to Karachi: 04:45 PM Karachi Express from Lahore to Karachi: 08:00 PM Rawal Express from Lahore to Rawalpindi: 12:30 AM
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being followed in all trains and only 60 percent seats are being booked through e-ticketing and reservation offices.


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