Letter to the editor


Readers are leaders. It is undeniable fact that reading books plays crucial role in one’s life and It is proven
fact that reading gives pleasure, wisdom, experience and subsequently reduce anxieties. Reading
increases inner mental satisfaction, sharpens the verbals activities, expand horizon of thinking. Above

all, paves way to discoveries and invention. Pakistan has flawed educational system. Approximately
there are 70% of the students who totally rely on their text books. There are roughly 25% students are
avid readers in Pakistan. This dying reading culture among youth is because students resort to social
media all the day and can only find time for their text books. Forgetting the fact that social media drains
their energy. Government and media need to inculcate love for books in order to save shredding culture
of reading from our country. I conclude this letter with a quote “readers are leaders” which aptly suits
this letters.Aisha Lareb MemonLessons from the crashPIA’s crash record compared to other
international airlines has been poor. In the recent air crash tragedy that claimed 96 with just two
miraculous survivors, possible causes of the crash is the irregular construction of multi-storied buildings
in close proximity to the airports of big cities. Secondly, home owners extend their home boundaries
well into the streets illegally which doesn’t allow rescue vehicles to reach. Hats off to Edhi and Chhipa
Trust ambulances and local inhabitants who were prompt in reaching the crash site and carried out
rudimentary rescue efforts. I strongly suggest that the government conduct a thorough review of the
nearby localities, especially housing societies with multi-storied apartments around all airports in the
country, particularly in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. All high-rises, towers and apartments in the
vicinity of airports must be dismantled and all under construction should be stopped forthwith.Sardar
Ejaz Ahmed SandhuShopping and CoronavirusNow it is evident that if we want to save our lives from
coronavirus, we have to maintain social distancing. With easing the lockdown, the standard operating
procedures are being patently violated. Nowadays, markets are the busiest places for Eid shopping.
Despite forewarnings, people rush towards the markets as shopping is more important than their lives.
One must understand that negligence and inattentiveness must be stopped because we are not in a
position to face the repercussions. I request the Sindh government to give some thought and try their
best to curb its further spreading.Khalid FaruqiMobile phones; a drive to deathMost of the accidents
nowadays are caused by distractions while driving. One of the most engaging elements found in these
type of distractions is the mobile phone. Due to busy schedules and workloads, people prefer to use
mobile phones off and on while driving. Unfortunately, using mobile phones while driving is much
common and habitual nowadays. It is considered hazardous because many accidents happened only due
to the use of mobile phones on the road while being in cars or on motorcycles. Use of mobile phones
during driving causes loss of focus and consciousness from the road which ultimately costs life.
Distracted drivers not only become a risk for themselves but also for other people who might be driving
responsibly but because of these distracted drivers they also suffer. It is not the problem of any specific
state or region, it is the problem of the whole world. Police and other authorities are not enough to
simply minimize these kinds of risks without the help of people or the publicMujahid Qayyum.Great
people to die withThere was a time when PIA was famous for its exquisite service and hospitality world
over and our pilots were famous for smooth landing that passengers could not realise whether the plane
had landed or not. Moreover, our pilots used to go aboard to impart technical training due to their
expertise especially in landing and taking-off.

Faisal Ansar