Children missing routine vaccination in South Asia


South Asia is home to the world's largest youth population. Even though all South Asian countries have
ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child , there is as yet little awareness in the region of the
importance of this Convention at various levels including policy planning, activism and legal reform in
the ongoing effort to achieve children's rights . Currently the existed pandemic ( COVID-19 ) has
weakend South Asian countries economy as the World Bank warned. In these challenging times children
lives have been more strenuous and in threats as coronavirus disrupt immunization drive . However,
disruptions to immunization programs across South Asia ,due to the ongoing pandemic are upending
attempts to vaccinate millions of children against deadly disease . The pandemic has interrupted vaccine
supply chains and left families fearful of attending clinics , creating another looming heath crisis for
children . Regardless , There are more than 800,000 preventable child deaths in a year. In Nigeria
where pneumonia is the leading cause of under-five mortality , the fears are growing that coronavirus is
already keeping infants from accessing life-saving interventions. Even alot of children always visit to
hospital having respiratory problems . UNICEF noted that "sporadic" outbreaks of preventable diseases
They can be cured with vaccines , including the measles and diphtheria, which have also emerged in
Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan . Vaccine stocks are also running low in some countries in the region .
Bangladesh and Nepal have halted their measles and rubella compaigns while Afghanistan and Pakistan
have suspended their polio drives since the COVID-19 pandemic.