Minhas eulogizes Nawaz Sharif for making Pakistan a nuclear power


Bagh:    (Parliament Times)   AJK Information Minister Raja Mushtaq Ahmad Minhas has paid eulogizing tributes to former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif for his historic decision to make Pakistan a nuclear power.

Terming it as a watershed moment in the history of Pakistan the AJK information minister said, “We owe it this visionary leader (Sharif) who took the courageous decision to make the country’s defense impregnable despite all the pressure from foreign powers”.

“Youm-e-Takbir is a clear proof that Pakistan’s defense is invincible”, he said adding that the entire nation pays tribute to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for his wisdom and decisive decision of detonating a nuclear device that led to emergence of Pakistan as the first nuclear power among the Islamic countries.

Minhas said that the former premier and chief patron Pakistan Muslim League (N) was offered huge concessions by many countries, including the United States, in exchange for not carrying out nuclear blasts but he kept Pakistan’s dignity in mind and decided to carry out six nuclear tests in response to India’s five.

He said that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has made the defense of Pakistan invincible and today no country can dare cast an evil eye on our beloved homeland.