Sacrilege of Sikh Temple at Derby handiwork of Indian agencies: JKNF

MIRPUR,(Parliament Times):  Denouncing in strong terms the attack on a Sikh Gurdwara at Derby in UK, Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF) on Wednesday said that the attack was deep rooted conspiracy aimed at creating a wedge between Muslims and the Sikh community that have stood always together even in the testing times.

While reacting to this dastardly incident of sacrilege the JKNF spokesman in a statement issude4 here said that the planned attack on the temple was a handiwork of the Indian secret agencies that were hell bent on to destroy the age-old interfaith harmony and friendship between the two communities. The successive governments of India he said has always tried to portray ongoing struggle as a conflict between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities to give it a communal colour. Terming premeditated exodus of Kashmiri Pandit community as part of this sinister design he said that the Indian secret agencies have miserably failed to lure the other communities especially the Sikh community that refused to listen to the Indian fictitious and concocted narratives on Kashmir.

Referring to various communal and pre-planned incidents of violence in Kashmir the party spokesman said, “The Indian agencies have miserably failed in creating a rift between Sikhs and Muslims despite orchestrating spine chilling massacre of Sikhs at Chattisingpora village in south Kashmir”. The massacre he said was stage managed on the eve of the US president Bill Clinton’s five-day tour of India.

He said that Kashmiri Muslims owe a debt of gratitude to the Sikh community that had to pay a heavy price for standing shoulder to shoulder with Kashmiris in testing times. “The Sikh community settled in UK, Canada, United States have lend their whole hearted support to our just cause”, he said adding that apart from supporting Kashmiris’ freedom struggle the Sikh community has taken a courageous stand in defending Kashmiri Muslims during the deadly communal riots that shook India recently.

“It is in fact this indissoluble bond between the two communities that has been a thorn in eyes of Indian policy makers”, the spokesman said adding that after exhausting its entire means Indian spy agencies have now resorted to the mean tactics to put the two communities at logger heads to each other. He said that since both the communities have been living in a cordial atmosphere for several centuries would never fall prey to such gimmicks, which he said were premeditated and political motivated.

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