Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan;
The Nation can rightly take pride in his sincere, wise, competent, hectic and blessed leadership At the time of Indian aggression and oppressive maneuvering and curfew in I.O.K Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan raised a substantive voice against the Indian mind set and difficult situation of the Kashmiri People. His vibrant voice had shaken the world conscience. He was very aggrieved at the ill fate of the miserable Kashmiris. He made repeated contacts to the Pakistan to take serious notice of the situation and made hectic efforts to end the misfortune of I.O.K. People will never forget his aggrieved tone when he was trying his best to make Pakistan and world community believe and realize the most dangerous situation created by the Modi government in I.O.K, which may flare up in worldwide burning fire. His accent was that of a world leader, who was very aggrieved at the frequent rape and murder of young Kashmiri girls and youth. Every patriotic citizen of Pakistan rightly felt, if he had the power and option to decide the ill fate of Kashmiris, he would not have taken even a minute to take the right and stringent steps. At the moment he announced with acute wrath that he cannot afford to see his daughters being insulted gravely by the Hindutva followers, his stature got raised to the image of Muhammad Bin Qasim and people of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, I.O.K even the whole Muslim world will ,even, remember him in their memories till the last moments of their life. Raja Farooq Haider Khan by his political wisdom, valour and compassionate behaviour has won the image of being the proud follower of Muhammad Bin Qasim. He rightly imbibed and exhibited the spirit of Islam and his timely action and raising voice about I.O.K vibrantly manifested that he is the worthy son of the soil, the nation can rightly take pride in his leadership. The name of Raja Farooq Haider Khan has become the undeletable, trustworthy and shining part of the annals of the world.


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