Govt. committed to provide clean, safe drinking water to people of Punjab: Governor


Lahore,(Parliament Times): The Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority’s board has granted approval to authority’s PC-1 and other administrative matters. A three-member HR Committee was also constituted under the Chairmanship of authority chairman Gen (retired) Nawaz Saleem Mela. The authority will start recruitment process for the hiring of a consultant and staff will begin from next month. Punjab Governor and Aab-e-Pak Authority Patron-in-Chief Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said his promise to provide clean and safe drinking water to people of Punjab would be fulfilled at all costs. He said this authority would ensure cent per cent transparency and merit.

According to details, the Aab-e-Pak Authority board meeting, held at Governor’s House on Wednesday, was chaired by authority’s Patron-in-Chief Chaudhry Sarwar. Authority Chairman Gen (Retired) Nawaz Saleem Mela, Secretary to Governor Dr Rashid Mansoor, Board Member Gohar Ijaz, SMBR Babar Hayat Tarar, P&D, Public Health and Housing Department, Local Government Department and other relevant departments’ officials attended the meeting. The Aab-e-Pak Authority approved three-member HR Committee headed by Gen (retired) Nawaz Saleem Mela and Gohar Ijaz.

After the meeting, the Governor told media persons that the Local Government and Community Development Department had attended the meeting and assured the board its support at grassroots level. He said the HR committee would ensure recruitment of authority’s staff on pure merit to help authority emerge as a strong institution. He said the authority