Installing of low Quality Sewage Pipes

Turbat, which is an emerging city of Balochistan, is going throughout several crisis. Turbat is suffering from boundles of crisis for a long period of time and here comes another dilemma “installing of low quality sewage pipes”, which further adds a surge in the tally of crisis. The current ruling regime of Balochistan launched a project of installing sewage pipes in Turbat to resist the sewage water to flow into the streets and on the roads. It gashes my heart terribly to state that it has exactly been five months the pipes got installed, the joints of the pipes are breaking and pipes are cracking before getting utilized as a reason the constructors have filled inadequate cement between the joints and owing to adding insufficient iron stuffs in the pipes, are cracking. Additionally, contracts were given to the acquaintance people of the party, the constructors haven’t utilized a partial of the budget for the better quality of pipes .I haven’t fathomed the aim and still I am at my contention of installing sewage pipes in those streets or areas where there is no required of, even sewage water wasn’t flowing in those streets or areas. As a matter of fact, a quartar of the discretionary fund isn’t getting utilize to overcome the persisting and perpetual crisis. Moreover, the government never bothered to have a glance on the dilemmas as well as never ever perceived the odds and crisis of a common citizen , people were misled that this regime would excel to decline the crisis and adversities. But it was all an expectation and as per examining the recent performance of the government is totally dismal.

Kashif Sagheer

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