Inequality: How to overcome it?


While the spread of COVID-19 is indiscriminate and has brought an unprecedented crisis. In the modern world inequality is a multi- dimensional challenge which the humanity is likely to suffer even mounting evidence has revealed that COVID-19 has further compounded existing inequalities putting already marginalized women and girls at greater terror or risk not only the coronavirus unprecedented crisis but also consequences of lockdown. Health and governments around the world are slowly ever-so-tentatively moving to relax lockdown. In the revolutionary era inequality was the major people’s matters. Even in America where inequality has substantially increased . In previous decades inequality was just a common propaganda running deeply. The major examples of social inequality include gap, gender inequality, health care and social class. The World Health Organization has stated that the access to safe abortion is an essential time-sensitive health care, but still as of 2017, 42% of women of reproductive age live in the 125 countries where abortion is highly restricted. After the effects of COVID-19 which is likely to increase violences and gender inequality leading to rape and unwanted pregnancies and an increase in abortion rate. Such types of occurence is likely to happen randomly and doesn’t keep stopping with the arrival of indefinite consequences. Inequality is now an issue of life and death. With the arrival of COVID-19 humans tolerate a economic loses, and families with low income resources , but yet COVID-19 is amplifying gender inequality. It should also be noted that the concept of religions narrative suggestions and opinions are kept aside, and human role to intervene in such purposes is essential. The Quran, the holiest book in Islam, indicates that men and women are spiritual equals. Morever, in Islamic practice , gender roles manifest themselves, partially because men and women are sometimes alloted different rights and different cultural expectations . In the new discovery world , the rigid laws of Islam and religions have deprived half of the population of their basic human rights . We are even not much concerned of what religions teach us. And still we are imitiating such conceptions they lead to outrageous conclusions. Ignoring human in every fields of worth living can create human rights violation act which is continued unabted.