Die but never lie


Parvez Moula Bakhsh,
I have always been taught by the elders, especially by my Dad, that die but never lie. But with the passage of time, lying becomes a part, and a root way of the life really, one who never lies, will never live a prosperous life physically not emotionally in this world. For example, when you want to make relationship with any one, you hide your weaknesses, and start to convince him or he by even lying a lot. If you go for a job interview, there also abundance of lies will be told by you to the interviewer. Moreover, lying with friends, family members, and other relatives is the sweetest way for living with them. There is no secret that lying means living nowadays in the universe. Really, We talk like a tiger but act like a mouse. Narrationally, Last night, ( may 13) I was roaming in my town, I saw a wallet and then I took it fearlessly but i even didn’t checked inside it because I thought maybe there is a secret of the owner of the wallet. On the other day, I saw few people who were searching for the wallet and I told them that I saw it and it is with me right now but how can I believe that it is your wallet. So, the owner said my picture is in the wallet. Then I seeked inside the wallet and saw the picture which was truly his. So, I give his wallet. Then the man directly started to shame on me for stealing 5000 thousands rupees from the wallet. However, I even before this didn’t open the zip of the wallet. But, no one believed me. Compulsively, I gave him the money how much he wanted. It simply means that if I did see the wallet, didn’t not talk to anyone about it, and lied to them then I could safe myself from being ashamed. But, the statement “die but never lie”has stopped me to tell a lie. Consequently, I experienced that everyone lies even the elders who motivates us and show us the best way of living. But one thing I experienced from the day in which the man took Rs.5000 from me that is Self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth. Really, now a know that everyone may lies for living a prosperous life. But alas, they can not succeed. As a result, they have to pay for it. The people who do not lie will live a successful life. Unfortunately, avoiding lie is not easy really, If someone does not lie may not be able to earn two times food. Furthermore, Everyone has a weakness and if they do not lie will be caught up. But, if you can control lying, you can win if not others heart but at least your own heart. Because due not to lying i won my heart and also many others. Therefore, I have decided not to lie even to cut of the wishes, and desires of my life. Because the happinesses behind not lying is indescribable. And there are immense benefits of not telling lies at the end. Therefore, I suggest the people, especially Muslims to avoid lying and start a self-inspirational life. One thing more that you get by not lying is the satisfaction of the almighty Allah. If not for your but for Allah’s sake do not even try to lie. -The writer is an independent author who writes stories, books reviews letters, articles, blogs, etc, based on Karachi