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Give away in present situation becomes trend , that trend is mandatory to follow and nominate others same as obligatory task to ease livelihoods of affected people due to contagious covid-19. Those people who are donating and circulating their operations on social media, for fame and name are criticized by most of people in present times.but that criticism has demerits in society aswell personal.If I am not taking part in voluntary gifting, I should not raise finger towards those who are donating voluntarily either for fame or name .whatever, a person is doing for betterment of others should not criticized.And in this pandemic covid-19 if a starving person or family is craving just meal for survival and somebody holding a food packet with a camera in other hand .handing over that food packet with a selfie for social media uploads ,so why it is wrong or criticized. Hungry got satisfied for a time being as he overcome to appetite because of that selfie man.does satisfied hungry person criticize for that ,the answer is no and never because he got what he needs . Motive is to feed the hungry not to create negative thoughts for being a selfie feeder. Instead of criticising such persons or organisations praise them ,appreciate them to boost their work towards weaker sections of community. Talk about demerits of criticising , one would not like to work again towards the same because of shaming for selfie shared on social media,that humiliate and discourage that person instantly. And leads for loss of poor and hungry people, as they lose a temporary food sponsor. Think about it next time before commenting in negative manner on social media uploads of such people or organisations. If you fail to do the right ,you are barrier to the poor ones .who are waiting for food and other utilities during this pandemic covid-19.

If I am not able to feed anybody personally, at least I should appreciate those who are able.Similarly I can be part of this by spreading and sharing good comments and positive suggestions. Lets assume somebody hasn’t donated anything during whole life and suddenly that person got visible on social Media with ‘selfie donations’ or any other related to social work .what should be our response to that humanely work. Towards betterment or fulfillment of needy ,poor and deserving communities .I personally suggest that we should respect such type of people and appreciate them. So that more alike individuals will come forward in this contribution of humanity.think before any decision and make sure about consequences Some other issues are vital to understand related to distribution of essentials to deserving people or poor families. There are much issues regarding distribution of food packets or other utilities by NGO’S ,NPO’S and individuals. I will enlighten some of the most and very important to fix ,otherwise it will lead somebody suffer without intentions of negligence by distributors of the same. Un-intentional repetition :-while distributing relief some get their fair share more than one times in a period of one distribution cycle.Example a family has to get 1 packet of food and utilities for a month but due to lack of record keeping or unintentional negligence, that family receives another packet before starting new distribution cycle.That may cause,Un-intentional ignoring .As everything has to run according to plans and strategies and unintentional repetition leads to the lack of stock due to improper allocation. With this matter, unintentionally distributor has to ignore somebody because of stock deficits .That affect the family or person by the means of food and other utilities. Here all this can happen without intentions but this negligence should be fixed to avoid suffering of family or person during these hard times of pandemic covid-19. For the smooth and effective distribution of relief one should keep the records efficiently. One more issue related to distribution of relief and is often seen but ignored. Kindness favors: this process is same as repetition but here everything is done intentionally may be for good will or favour. In this practice consequence will be the same as above mentioned this one also should be treated as demerit and negligence. Be a saviour not an obstacle.