Right time to help the needy and poor people


It was a scorching Sunday when I left my home for the market to buy vegetables, fruits and other daily using commodities. Nevertheless, I pulled out the breaks of my bike near a stall to buy some apples as the apples seemed to be fresh. Before, I pay for the apples an old wearing torn clothes came near the stall ducked on his knees and picked up a stale banana which was fallen under the stall. Cleaned it and got happen to eat it. This really molten my heart. Before the old started eating what he had picked up I stopped him and asked him what he would like to eat! The old man answered he would like to eat some bananas. I bought the old man some bananas and the old man left happily. But, before leaving the old man tapped my back, prayed for my success and prosperity from the Almighty. This act of mine and the old man’s prayers for my success and prosperity really gave me a great pleasure that I can’t express it in words.
Then I thought that was he the only one to be helped or there were many more! No doubt, there are much more needy and poor people to be helped than we can think of. We often criticize and blame and ask our officials and politicians to help the needy and poor people. But, are we really playing our role in this regard with honesty? I don’t think it is so. We often spend our money on useless things such as, buying smoking items, buying alcohol, taking part in gambling and etc. Rather than spending our money on the welfare of our societies and needy people. If we spend our money and time for the welfare of our societies and needy people surely we get the benefits of this act here and here-after. If we look around we can see million of people who are always seeking our help. In this month of Allah’s blessings and the situation of deadly virus Covid-19 pandemic these people need our help the most. Once it was the Holy month of Ramadan when Hazrat Ali returned home after offering his prayers. Soon the summon of Maghrib sounded then Hazrat Ali (RA) and Hazrat Fatima along with their two sons sat around the eating-mate to break their fast. There were only four breads, some milk and some dates. Nevertheless, Hazrat Fatima (RA) served them some milk and some dates and three breads. She saved one bread, a little milk and some dates. “Fatima we are four and the breads are four then why you are saving one bread plus these things, aren’t you going to eat with us?” Asked Hazrat Ali (RA). “Your excellence, I am saving this bread and these things so that if someone who is keeping fast and doesn’t have anything to break his/her fast and comes to our doorstep should not return empty hands.” Answered Hazrat Fatima (RA). We should learn from our fore-parents, pious and great people of past. Being Muslims it is our first and obligatory duty to help the needy and poor people. I believe there is not a greater satisfaction than helping someone. Let’s make a promise to ourselves that whenever we get a chance we will help the needy and poor people inshahall.

Riaz Quraish Maqsoodi